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refer to something with a euphemism


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It is their relations who get the contracts to put up the parking buildings in the hospital grounds [not to raise funds, you understand, but solely to manage hospital traffic flows, going forward], it is their job to betray their colleagues and their professions, to extemporise and euphemise.
Tant que ces situations ne sont pas resolues, plutot que d'un systeme pluriel, nous devons parler de regime segregationniste, certes euphemise mais produisant les memes effets d'exclusion juridique que ses precedents.
Some exponents of the neo-classical political economy [17] may, in their weaker moments, euphemise a defeatist retreat as a strategic withdrawal to entrap the rent-seeking individual; but how to distinguish this odd individual from the proper profit-seeking individual and to establish unambiguously the superiority, from the society's point of view, of the latter over the former remains an open issue.
The tendency in French translations to suppress and euphemise the strong foregrounding of the combination of Australianness and vulgarity highlights the issues of the social class of the readership and the function of children's literature.
Glyn jokingly euphemises that he is ``resting'' at the moment,but his future plans include ``working as much as possible'' whether in soaps or on the stage.