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Synonyms for eulogize


Synonyms for eulogize

Synonyms for eulogize

praise formally and eloquently


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The burial society responded to the appeal and confirmed to the court in writing that they ask women not to eulogize and generally expect the public to maintain a separation between the sexes as is done in conservative synagogues.
When it comes time to eulogize his administration, his ability to deliver on that promise will speak to his success - or his failure.
Slim, feverish, and grim, the novella eulogizes the darkness of Germany's history.
Download Riachy eulogizes late Abdel Ghani Salam as audacious writer NNA - Minister of Information, Melhem Riachi, on Thursday eulogized the late "Al-Liwaa" Newspaper Dean, Abdul Ghani Salam, as a prominent and daring writer in imparting the full truth.
Speaking frankly on the gap between her desires as a lover and her instincts as a mother, Tsvetaeva eulogizes a relationship she shared with another woman twenty years earlier.
Dorothy Day eulogizes Maurice O'Connell, who lived at the Catholic Worker's Pennsylvania farm for almost a decade.
I am glad that the report eulogizes the constitutional reform and said that Turkey needs a civil constitution.
In "Le chohet," for example, he movingly eulogizes the village of Aldjezar: "Pourtant naguere sur les parvis, belle tu fus et t'appelais sultane.
Indeed, Weaver eulogizes the dead and the living with critical acuity, honoring those whom society tends to ignore.
The 24-stanza poem eulogizes his friend, poet Arthur Hugh Clough, who had died in 1861.
Politics - Siniora eulogizes late patriarch Hazim NNA - "Future" Bloc Head Fouad Siniora eulogized Late Greek Orthodox Patriarch of the Levant and Antioch Ignatius IV Hazim, saying the Arab world and Lebanon have lost with his death one of the great pillars of "moderation and wisdom.
It's Large's movie, but he can never really shake Sam, who, over the course of the film, eulogizes a gerbil, wears a garbage bag and dodges a flaming arrow.
And don't forget the diminutive ``cute'' one, whom the manager moonily eulogizes as ``my Ewok'' - Jason ``QT'' McKnight (Michael Cuccione), who is discovered singing ``The Battle Hymn of the Republic'' at a karaoke bar and has a terminal illness that ensures the band reams of publicity.