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Synonyms for eulogize

Synonyms for eulogize

praise formally and eloquently


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diocese, is a sought-after eulogist who has presided over and preached at the funerals for many of his brother priests.
Services can include organizing family photos, arranging for music or musicians, planning the program, arranging for catering and venue choices, creating memorial DVDs, acting as MCs at the event, arranging for eulogists and handling any certificate paperwork.
Now an executive with the team, Horton was part of a lineup of six eulogists at the funeral.
NOW, AFTER HIS DEATH, in congratulating [Tim] Russert, his eulogists in the press get to congratulate themselves.
It does not appear that Dionne or any of Buckley's other latter-day eulogists have bothered to learn much about their hero.
University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer, the first of three eulogists, reminisced about Rogue River float trips, Alaska fishing trips and "Order of the Buggy Ride" roast-and-toast gatherings that Stewart loved to attend and meticulously plan.
Sitting a dozen feet from his casket, braced by Carolyn, [daughters] Amy, and Nita, I half closed my eyes to find a private space for my grief as the eulogists variously characterized his contributions to the congregation, the wider community (including the Jesuit university where he had taught a course on Jewish values in his last years), and his place among the leaders of Reform Judaism.
All of the eulogists at the national funeral for Ronald Reagan, other than Margaret Thatcher, were in attendance, including Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, with whom I ended up in two pictures," recalled Rush during his June 14 radio broadcast.
Later eulogists include John Chrysostom, who devoted an entire speech to his martyrdom, and the Byzantine Patriarch, Photius.
Eulogists and authors of fiction alike were deeply interested in modeling for their readers both process and product of the quest for ideal fatherhood.
The two principal eulogists were fellow alumni of the Kennedy Administration's Department of Justice who White did so much to recruit in 1961.
Chardin limited himself to a single genre, preferring to be the best painter in a lesser category rather than to join the crowd of mediocre painters in a higher one," wrote one of his eulogists.
Whether they ultimately serve as latter-day redeemers or as eulogists of nationalism, the movement activists and artists highlighted above appear to be moving boldly "from the problematic unity of the nation to the articulation of cultural difference in the construction of an international perspective" (Bhabha, 1990: 5).
He did not die in vain, his eulogists said, but gave his life as a sacrifice in the struggle for salvation of the world.
In the end, Webster assured his own place in history by reinforcing "those tenets of the national mythology upon which later eulogists would found their commemoration of Daniel Webster's godlike actions" (32).