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Synonyms for eulogize


Synonyms for eulogize

Synonyms for eulogize

praise formally and eloquently


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But that only means the most outspoken eulogists of the right to privacy are nowadays the voyeurs and exhibitionists.
After all, eulogists and litigants also try to convince their audience of the truth of what they say, and philosophers also try to realign and reform the desires and emotions of their interlocutors.
Additionally, the Ministry denounces "exploitation by these extremists of the present exceptional situation to disturb public order, plunge the country into violence and chaos, and spread terror among citizens, especially that some of these extremist eulogists shouted, during the last period, racist and extremist slogans, in some of their marches, calling for rejection of the Other, for extremism, racism and religious discrimination," and for moving backward the country several centuries.
I believe you should act a bit more responsibly when you are actually among the eulogists of the consumer society," Solidarity Minister Roselyne Bachelot told French radio.
As nonindustrial workers, denied party status, they worked in a substratum of the socialist utopia, making a living as bartenders, dancers, eulogists, and booksellers.
It is a singular commentary on the one especial claim made for the eccentric Walt Whitman by his admirers - that, namely, of being "the poet of health and strength"--that one of his most extravagant eulogists in the Springfield Republican says of him that "Though he be taken at first sight for 75 or 80, he is in fact not yet 57.
Eulogists gave us the down-to-earth Untener, who announced his role as bishop with the words, "Hello, I am Ken and I am going to be your waiter.
Now an executive with the team, Horton was part of a lineup of six eulogists at the funeral.
1) En uno de los mas convincentes analisis de este romance, Frederick Luciani examina la tension entre los multiples yo textuales y el yo verdadero: "In the Sor Juanas constructed by her eulogists, the nun finds her identity scattered and strange.
NOW, AFTER HIS DEATH, in congratulating [Tim] Russert, his eulogists in the press get to congratulate themselves.
It does not appear that Dionne or any of Buckley's other latter-day eulogists have bothered to learn much about their hero.
Yet these were not the details which Walgreen's eulogists dwelled upon.
But united as they were in praise, his eulogists could not agree on his essential qualities: Was he a misanthrope or a champion of flawed humanity?