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formally expressing praise

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Thus, instead of exhibiting that eulogistic tendency that could be said to be a mark of commissioned festschrifts, the essays are objectively analytic of Ukala's works from the perspective of what Matthew Arnold would have called "disinterestedness".
The reappearance of characters in Penas arriba serves two purposes; it is both a eulogistic tribute to Don Celso and a repudiation of the pessimism and socio-political withdrawal in Don Gonzalo Gonzalez de la Gonzalera.
the eulogistic verse preamble that was a major innovation of the Cola period.
125) "Professor Felix Frankfurter was the first to praise Holmes, with a eulogistic essay in the Harvard Law Review entitled The Constitutional Opinions of Justice Holmes.
Riyadh, Dhu-AlQa'dah 28, 1432, Oct 26, 2011, SPA -- The Pakistani newspaper of "The Observer" held an eulogistic ceremony in commemoration of late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz who passed away last Saturday.
What Bentham called dyslogistic names (by contrast with eulogistic names) seemed both to set and to settle various debates--and to leave them and their critics and exponents essentially unchanged.
Indeed, you may be surprised that the Catholic Order of Christian Funerals (OCF) makes only one mention of a "eulogy"--and there it outright forbids them, even warning that homilies are to be kept free from the eulogistic style.
The essays themselves are eulogistic in nature and often describe Lewis as a friend in spite of the fact that the vast majority of the writers never actually knew him in person.
Descriptive words can be dyslogistic (negative), eulogistic (positive), or neutral.
For her generation to be so uncharacteristically eulogistic means that Jaguar really have banged the button with the XF.
I found Baffour Ankomah's "wide ranging" interview with the Tanzanian president, Jakaya Kikwete (NA, June) rather eulogistic and obsequious.
Many have criticized Sontag's nostalgic and eulogistic tone in this piece, which does seem relatively devoid of hope for the cinema's future.
68) The second is part of a eulogistic letter addressed by Jerome to Eustochium after her mother's death in 404, in which he recounts Paula's pilgrimage around the holy places.
6) It was reported that the eulogistic references made of Gibson over his role in conciliating that dispute moved him to tears.
It presents the important facts but is to a large extent a eulogistic analysis of the performance.