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an orator who delivers eulogies or panegyrics

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The eulogist lovingly and with humor affirmed the great generosity and individuality of the deceased.
At Rand's funeral, the President, speaking as eulogist, quotes from Rand's blandly epigrammatic philosophy, in which the wealthy Rand comes across sounding like a poor man's Poor Richard: "I have no use for those on welfare--no patience whatsoever.
On November 10, writers Peter Baker and Clifford Krauss headlined, "President, at Service, Hails Fort Hood's Fallen (in assuming) the role of national eulogist (and leading) the country in mourning.
11 (ANI): Many soldiers and relatives expressed a tearful gratitude to US President Barack Obama for taking on the role of a national eulogist here on Tuesday to help them grieve for those killed and injured last week by a US Army Muslim psychiatrist.
This collection, developed from lectures presented at 2004 international conferences on Zweig at Jerusalem and Beer Sheva, includes commentary on his influences as well as his work, including such topics as Zweig's emulation of Erasmus, Zweig's take on individualism, his influence on European intellectual life, the continuing impact of his World of Yesterday, his politics and interest in Christianity, his adaptation of Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Illych, his attitude toward Schnitzlers, his approach to the demonic, his position as Austria eulogist, and his approach to assimilation, gender identity and public theater.
Sam Martin, QFF editor and eulogist, (left) and Mel Korn of the J.
William Kintner, the official eulogist, described their college days when they ``were partners in crime.
Le Roy thus deftly mobilizes another element of the Symposium--namely, the hierarchy between the procreation of the body and the production of the soul--to valorize his own contribution, as eulogist, to the pursuit of immortality.
Charlie" Porter, the former congressman and firebrand activist whom one eulogist said "epitomized Eugene - friendly, offbeat, com- passionate.
As George's eulogist and Irish People columnist Eamonn Holmes says: "I just hope we did him proud because he did us proud.
In these essays, Jacobs is by turns discerning academic, sensible appraiser, admiring eulogist, and undaunted critic.
It is, at any rate, clear from turns of phrase that occur in Aiskhylos's early plays (he fought at Marathon in 490 and probably also in the battles of 48079), from references in the contemporary Theban eulogist of the victorious athlete Pindar, and from some self-glorifying epigrams to accompany post-war thank offerings, that the Greeks knew how close they had come to "losing their day of freedom" and "putting on the yoke of slavery" that the Persians had intended to impose.
Dramatist Franz Grillparzer was an accomplished musician, respected enough in that capacity to be chosen as the eulogist at Ludwig van Beethoven's funeral in 1827.
This is not to say that the author was an unrestrained eulogist of the medieval culture.