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Synonyms for eulogize


Synonyms for eulogize

Synonyms for eulogize

praise formally and eloquently


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Mowbray said: "We attacked with purpose (in the second half) and I have just watched Armstrong's winner, and if any player in the world scored a goal like that, we'd all be eulogising about it.
PRESIDENT Barack Obama paid tribute to the "greatest legislator of our time", eulogising Edward Kennedy in front of hundreds of mourners at a memorial service.
Jaswant Singh was sacked from the BJP for eulogising Jinnah in his book, Jinnah- India, Partition, Independence, which the party said was against it's core ideology.
While one Arabic-language newspaper said the Minister of Interior has vowed to deport expatriates who participated in eulogising the slain Commander another Arabic language newspaper reported earlier this week that the Minister of Interior said these claims were untrue.
Rarely does a Liverpool match pass without somebody eulogising what a remarkably assured touch he possesses "for a big man.
We smiled at the absurdity of it all and then switched over to hear BBC pundits eulogising about Paula Radcliffe's achievement of balking at the thought of finishing a race.
If he freed him because he listened to the campaign for his freedom by people who have made a career out of glamorising and eulogising the Kray twins, then he was wrong.