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The past few years have seen great progress in understanding eukaryotic DNA replication through the use of cell-free replication systems and reconstitution of individual steps in replication with purified proteins and naked DNA.
Replication protein a: A heterotrimeric, single-stranded dna-binding protein required for eukaryotic dna metabolism.
Among the topics are dormant replication origins, break-induced DNA replication, the mini-chromosome maintenance replicative helicase, the spatial and temporal organization of DNA replication in bacteria and eukarya, DNA replication timing, replication-fork dynamics, sister chromatid cohesion, translesion DNA polymerases, rescuing stalled or damaged replication forks, genome instability in cancer, regulating DNA replication in plants, endoreplication, the archaeology of eukaryotic DNA replication, human mitochondrial DNA replication, whether human papillomavirus infections are warts or cancer, and adenovirus DNA replication.
Molecular genetics--new information, especially the role of RNA and the modular structure of eukaryotic DNA
Use of restriction enzymes to study eukaryotic DNA methylation: I.
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