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Synonyms for euglenophyte

marine and freshwater green or colorless flagellate organism

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As the season progresses, in the periphyton in the macrophyte beds, community dominance shifts from euglenophyte to diatoms.
The high volume during the 1993 vernal peak was largely due to euglenophytes.
However, in sharp contrast to Casamatta and others, who found that Cyanobacteria and Cryptopytes dominated, we, like Klarer and Millie (1992), found that diatoms and Euglenophytes dominate at Old Woman Creek.
It seems that muddywater appears to favor euglenophytes and small green algae; whereas similar low-light situations in beds of Nelumbo favor diatoms.
All periphyton communities were dominated by diatoms--which composed 48 percent of the community volume, with green algae (30 percent) and euglenophytes (18 percent) also making large contributions to the community volume.