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minute single-celled green freshwater organism having a single flagella

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We selected Euglena algae-derived 1,3 beta glucan because its form is believed to be the most effective at boosting immune support.
Isuzu Motors Limited (TYO: 7202), a Japan-based automaker, is collaborating with Euglena Co.
Baba's team turned to Euglena in an effort to solve the medical problem of detecting the minute number of cancer cells that break off from the original, or primary, tumour site and travel through the bloodstream.
Students develop questions ranging from straightforward investigation of one particular nutrient on Euglena growth to more complex questions about the interactions of multiple factors, such as light and carbon source.
A unique organism that can photosynthesize and move like an animal in water, the Euglena ''contains all the nutrients essential for human beings,'' including various vitamins, minerals, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, they said.
Preliminary experiments as a test of the method were performed on Euglena gracilis.
2002, "Investigation of metal ion accumulation in Euglena gracilis by fluorescence methods Nucl.
Phormidium tenue, Euglena convoluta, and Trachdomonas volvocina.
Cadmium-dependent generation of reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial DNA breaks in photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic strains of Euglena gracilis.
The antimutagenic effect of these substances was estimated against acridine orange (AO)- and ofloxacin-induced damage of chloroplast DNA in Euglena gracilis assay.
The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of concentrations of ibuprofen and aspirin on the reproduction rate if Euglena hemichromata, a "starter" in the food chain.
They controlled the prey supply by adding either Euglena (a motile single-celled organism) atone or Euglena plus tiny invertebrate animals (copepods, nematode worms and the like), known collectively as meiofauna.
During the warmer months, and abundant population of Euglena sp.
This special variety, known as Euglena gracillis, has a formidable appetite for pollutants such as phosphorus, heavy metals and even silver nanoparticles.
com) (Pinksheets:WTWO), is pleased to announce that SunFilter 1 has been sinking carbon dioxide at 2-3 times faster since it was filled with the Euglena Gracilis strain of algae on March 1.