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the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

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In this epoch, only Drake (1938a) and eugenicist Popenoe (1940) referenced evolution or biology.
30) The idea that addicts should not be having children because they are "unfit" mothers is a eugenicist over-generalization because it is based on the grossly mistaken presumption that substance abuse is a "bad" trait.
I feel, however, that Lovecraft's role as eugenicist is virtually inextricable from his role as writer of weird fiction.
Although the eugenicists "advocated compulsory sterilization for criminals, sex deviants, and the feebleminded," (1) many poor women were sterilized for the simple or flimsy reason as "being considered [too] lazy or [too] promiscuous.
See English on Du Bois's eugenicist tendencies in parenting directions.
Soheir Morsy and Kathleen Moore have hinted at the problems associated with claiming whiteness, namely that it has promoted racialist, even eugenicist criteria to construct identity and affiliation with the dominant social group, but more thorough investigations on the implications of these choices are needed.
Bailey's and Richard Pillard's familial studies of sexual orientation in twins revived a research angle suggested in the 1950's by eugenicist Franz J.
In marriage he is a eugenicist, valuing Frances Henri primarily, if not exclusively, for her "breeding, fitness, and reproductive potential" (152).
Part III also introduces others involved on the initial Board of Directors for the Pioneer Fund, including eugenicist Frederick Osborn and future Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan.
His advisor steers him toward a biography of Scholes Destry-Scholes (wonderfully named, as are the other characters) who had written three fragmentary narratives on Linnaeus, the taxonomist, Francis Galton, the eugenicist, and Ibsen.
The Virginia law contained much of the same language as the laws Hitler used to sterilize the defective in Germany, as both were based on the Model Eugenical Sterilization Law proposed by an American eugenicist.
This distinction is highlighted by the fact that the eugenicist book The Bell Curve within four months of publication sold 400,000 copies, and has been treated as respectable science by all-too-many pundits and academics.
A more scientific approach to epidemiology gained influence after World War I, and while it supported environmental explanations of differential patterns of disease, it also imparted clinical authority to eugenicist and biological reductionism.
The virility of the myth of the 'drunken Aborigine' is in its appeal to racist and eugenicist theory, elements of which still remain in popular discourse.
This line of reasoning fit well with eugenicist and Malthusian rhetoric, and with growing feminist movements, though Brooke presents those lines of thought as somehow distinct from arguments on the British Left.