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the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

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Rosen offers several reasons for this long overlooked nexus between religious and secular eugenicists.
Predictably, they solicited a deposition from renowned eugenicist and sterilization advocate Harry Laughlin.
Ordover argues that any use of biology to explain difference, even if not intended as eugenicist, is nevertheless open to be used against minority populations.
Many eugenicists shunned the influence of environment altogether and argued against any possibility of "racial progress" in their more rigid constructions of racial difference.
The most significant method of classification used by eugenicists was the "social problem group.
He quoted American eugenicists in Mein Kampf and wrote a fan letter to American eugenicist Madison Grant, calling his race-based book, The Passing of the Great Race, his "bible.
The frightening durability of eugenicist policies within putatively advanced Western liberal democracies is the occasion for Nadine Attewell's Better Britons, which in five chapters evaluates the imbrication of reproductive crises in cultural and political responses to Britain's imperial future beginning at the fin de siecle.
Gordon Lincecum, a well-known Texas biologist and physician, could be considered America's first eugenicist.
These shared concerns are used to show that work of the two birth control advocates cohere in terms of their emphasis on healthy motherhood, greater access to birth control, crossovers with sexological and eugenicist discourses and the promotion of female sexual fulfilment.
Proponents of the eugenicist movement included highly respectable people like Tommy Douglas, later regarded as the father of medicare, as well as "agrarian feminists" who took their cue from animal husbandry.
Eugenicist Frederick Osborn, reflecting on his association with Sanger over the decades, aptly concludes that "Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time.
Clinicians need to be aware of historical reproductive rights abuses--ranging from eugenicist promotion of birth control in the early 20th century, use of population targets in developing countries and discriminatory laws on sterilisation--and avoid recommending long-acting reversible contraceptives in a directive manner.
As the series continues, the police face new crimes, including a eugenicist who stalks the freak shows, a ferocious female gang, escaped bombers, energy magnates and cult Svengalis.
She argues that language was narrowly defined as a product of voice in many Victorian disciplines, which helped feed conflict between proponents of orality (teaching the deaf to speak), such as eugenicist Alexander Graham Bell, and proponents (mostly the deaf) of sign language.
Chapter Four, "Negotiating the Racialized Body: Theories of Spiritual Evolution and the 'American Race,'" examines the relation between evolutionary and eugenicist discourses in the period.