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the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

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It had become a well-established fact among America's eugenists of the 1930s that typically healthy and relatively intelligent school and university students were the favoured recipients of the eugenically advantageous promotion of the nuclear family.
Moreover, it was a sexual fantasy, born of anxiety about shifting gender roles, that could be rationalized eugenically.
The immigrants, most of whom do not speak English, are needless to saytreated like inferior beings and subjected to a battery of tests, from the (filmically)conventional medical exams for a host of diseases to the (filmically)unconventional emphasis on psychological and mental tests that are intended to determine eugenically the suitability of a candidate for entry into the United States.
By the 1940s, this eugenically correct law had blocked the escape to the United States of many people who subsequently died in actions carried out according to the more activist laws of the Third Reich.
I also claim that, when we begin to think about how a eugenically programmed person might be affected by the knowledge of having been so, we do not know our way about.
Both courts acknowledge the "wrongness" of eugenically or socially motivated sterilization.
Such eugenically designed creatures literally owe their existence to the regime's dark powers.
All this is to say is that, as an empirical matter, it is not necessary to rely on either self-reporting or on eugenically distasteful sanguinity standards in order to have a valid measure of race.
Silver's predictions, in case this isn't clear, are not voiced in opposition to a eugenically engineered future.
that pursues a eugenically inspired program to assume control of the evolutionary process.
169) Laws to reduce unemployment would focus on "`economic security for the hereditarily sound family,'" and "hereditary degenerates" would be eugenically sterilized.
If we can make claims that Neville was in part eugenically concerned, we are safer in saying that race was central to his understanding.
Early-twentieth-century uneasiness about lower-class whites overpopulating the nation led to a panicked organization of public and private research which could eugenically chart lines of white families.
The mules were eugenically bred at Fort Reno, Oklahoma, for transporting artillery and supplies in mountainous terrain.
Far from simply referring to the separate arenas of welfare and abortion, dependency and choice vibrantly interact with each other, depend on each other for meaning, and together shape and justify punitive and constraining public policies, including eugenically based definitions of motherhood.