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producing happiness and well-being


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If we take happiness to be eudemonic, utilitarianism is not so easily dismissed, which may be why Mill moved away from Bentham's sort of hedonism and later utilitarians (such as G.
On happiness and human potential: A review of research on hedonic and eudemonic well -being.
Given that, we use the term "well-being" as is commonly done in policy circles to refer to a combination of subjective well-being with more eudemonic measures, although we recognize that these definitions are both contested and confused.
It is unclear whether subjective measures of one's satisfaction with participation differ from subjective judgments of well-being, which have been conceptualized as encompassing eudemonic concepts such as purpose in life, personal growth, positive relations with others, environmental mastery, self-acceptance, and autonomy, as well as hedonic concepts such as happiness and life satisfaction [30].
And even if it is considered as a means to reach a precise aim, not even the eudemonic will can assure the desired outcome.