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a card game similar to ecarte


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So the next time Gram is going on about her euchre game, follow along and ask questions.
Legislators euchre the public into believing that they have reduced
We, however, always took Monday off so we could return to Delta Lake after the huge Boilermaker post-race party and spend the rest of the day playing Frisbee, swimming in the lake, lying on the beach recovering, and playing euchre in a screen tent until all hours of the night.
Because I have watched my sister-in-law teach her kids the value of losing with humility and grace over countless games of Scrabble, tiddlywinks, and euchre, and because I know she believes in the Christian values of the CYO league, this display was more funny than not.
Seniors participate in activities such as bingo, euchre, cribbage, shuffleboard, dinners, bus trips and New Year's Eve parties.
In Brewarrina euchre and dice were for men, while women played Coon-can and poker.
This new title in the 365 Games series offers the players an opportunity to have a taste of five popular card games: Hearts, Spades, Gin Rummy, Belote and Euchre.
After lunch, co-workers whiled the time playing buck euchre or reading, but I'd already finished my short story anthology, and grew bored.
When he teaches cards, he plays alongside them as they learn about strategies to games like Hearts, Rummy and Euchre and have fun with speed games like Spoons and Categories.
Though the men had spent a decade as neighbors and often enjoyed barbeques and friendly games of euchre at each other's homes, they addressed each other always, and by unspoken agreement, with their surnames--as if they were soldiers or professional athletes.
He maintained the same daily schedule in the White House that he had adhered to in his home in Canton, Ohio: early to rise, dinner at 6:30, followed by a game of euchre with whomever was with him, and then a quiet evening of reading while his wife knitted (Linderman 1974, 30).
Plain Language" concerns two Irish miners, Bill Nye and "Truthful" James, and a "naive" Chinese man, Ah Sin, who join in a game euchre.
Youth always won, and the trainmen left the cars in darkness, said 'the hell with it' and went into the baggage car to play Euchre.
3) At left, Ripley and Euchre, a 16-week-old shepherd/Labrador mix owned by Larry and Mary Ellen Berg of Grafton, exchange puppy pleasantries.
During the orchestra's performances, two members played euchre, reminiscent of the countless card games played in lumber camps, and one scratched himself as a reminder of the eve>present 'graybacks' (lice) that infested virtually every lumber camp.