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a card game similar to ecarte


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3) At left, Ripley and Euchre, a 16-week-old shepherd/Labrador mix owned by Larry and Mary Ellen Berg of Grafton, exchange puppy pleasantries.
There's rugby, of course, and competitive wood-chopping and a baby show, and tents filled with tables of old ladies playing euchre.
Over in classroom two playing euchre," Raycharles said.
He supports himself by playing whist, a popular early trick-taking suit-following card game, and a worthy ancestor of Five Hundred, Euchre, Solo, and Bridge.
When water levels are too high everywhere else, many knowledgeable winter steelhead anglers head for one of the smaller coastal streams - such as Cummings Creek, Euchre Creek, Brush Creek and the Yachats River.
Here is how it works: In exchange for two hours of volunteer work five days a week, visitors can soak up the sun, lounge around the sea view bar, play euchre on the patio, and swim in the sea or the pool as a guest of the Canterbury Center, at cost.
Mount Pleasant prides itself on its strong sense of family and community fostered by potluck dinners, corn roasts, coffee hours, picnics, concerts and euchre nights.
According to Henry Chafetz's 1960 book Play the Devil, combatants on both sides of the Civil War "were addicted to faro, poker, casino, euchre, monte, seven-up, and chuck-a-luck.
Mercredi, 7 aout Course au trot Jeudi, 8 aout Soiree au club: Euchre, danse, etc.
SkillJam's agreement with Certus will bolster its current suite of online skill games with increasingly popular multi-player options, including card games such as Hearts, Whist, Spades, Thirty-One and Euchre, as well as a variety of board games like Backgammon, Battleship, Checkers, Chess and Reversi (Othello).
On the ship the men established a friendly relationship, playing games such as ringtoss, shuffleboard, and euchre.
275 Unbridled's Song colt with three stakes-winning siblings, notably triple Graded winner Euchre.
Gaines's response piece, Sexual Semiosis would seem to at once flatter and euchre Halley's by offering up "new unanticipated agents involved in the production of desire" that "an earlier feminism might not have imagined" (20): namely, pills that offer a short-lived remedy for erectile dysfunction.
The club was formed five years ago by 10 people who all play the card game euchre at their local pub, The Horseshoe and Castle, in Cooling, Kent.
com/games, you'll find classics including euchre, checkers, or chess, and new games such as EA Sports Triviatron and Pebble Beach Golf, as well as other versions of games already mentioned.