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having cells with 'good' or membrane-bound nuclei

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Furin, the major processing enzyme of the secretory pathway, is widely expressed in eucaryotic organisms and in mammalian cell types.
The algae refer to a large and diverse assemblage of eucaryotic organisms that contain chlorophyll and carry out oxygenic photosynthesis.
burgdorferi also carries a homolog of the PPM family of eucaryotic protein S phosphatases (30,50).
Became PCR is performed at high temperatures (55-94 [degrees] C), eucaryotic DNA polymerase that functions at 37 [degrees] C would be degraded.
Eubacterial, archaebacterial, and eucaryotic genes that encode leaderless mRNA.
Many proteins from eucaryotic organisms cannot be synthesized in bacteria (such as E.
By classical proteome analysis, his group generated a proteomic database with about 1500 identified proteins of microorganisms, eucaryotic cells and tissues.
In 2003, Kozak (Marilyn, 1980) analyzed the relationship between sequence of mRNA 5' end and translation efficiency in the eucaryotic expression gene and found that 5' G/N-C/N-C/N-ANNATGG 3'sequence could improve transcription and translation efficiency, especially A in -3 site and G in +4 site were important to improve the translation efficiency.
Experiments to assess the cytotoxicity of propolis extracts for cultured eucaryotic cells indicate a moderate toxic behaviour of these extracts in cell cultures.
A conserved structural motif for lipopolysaccharide recognition by procaryotic and eucaryotic proteins.
The current generation of PM technology can be used to analyze a very wide range of both procaryotic and eucaryotic microbial cells.
Endoproteolytic Processing of pro-BACE by Members of the Family of Eucaryotic, Subtilisin-Like Endoproteases.
Site of action of a Vero toxin (VT2) from Escherichia coli 0157:H7 and of Shiga toxin on eucaryotic ribosomes.
Through this agreement, Chemicon accesses the innovative RheoSwitch(R) technology that regulates the timing and level of gene expression in all types of eucaryotic cells through the interaction of RheoGene's proprietary ecdysone-based receptors and proprietary small molecule ligands, which will be supplied under the agreement.
Experiments to assess the toxicity of Pelargonium extract for cultured eucaryotic cells indicate a moderate toxic behaviour in cell cultures.