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A eucalyptus tree, at least 50ft tall, had crashed down as they slept.
AFP -- Australian researchers have found minuscule nuggets of gold hidden inside the leaves of eucalyptus trees, in a discovery they say could help prospectors discover new deposits of the precious metal.
Although the eucalyptus tree showed no sign of damage, the impact of the car snapped the 30-foot utility pole in two.
That's because it could take years for a eucalyptus tree to grow to a size that could support a koala.
The firm aims to plant 1,000 hectares of eucalyptus trees annually with an eye to expanding the area to 6,000 hectares.
On the one hand, the image of three women merging into a great eucalyptus tree, in Image # 5 (Headingly Staff, Headingly Station and Tree), 1994, is a chronicle of European self-absorption and exploitation.
Proprietary Species - Double A uses a proprietary species of the Eucalyptus tree that matures in three to five years and has been researched for over 25 years to find the best species suited for the naturally tropic climate of Thailand.
Another important eucalyptus tree indigenous to Australia is the Eucalyptus maculata, also known as spotted gum.
The sugar glider's favorite food is eucalyptus tree nectar
Traces of treasure in eucalyptus tree leaves may signal a hidden trove of gold under the surface.
A FIRE in Fasouri forest in Limassol, home to most of the island's Eucalyptus tree species, was almost under control by last night though at least 20 hectares of forestland were lost.
This time, though, one of the guys on the crew, Luis Flores, was electrocuted trying to reach a eucalyptus tree close to a power line.
These habitats provide unique environmental benefits that are not duplicated or replaced by a eucalyptus tree plantation.
One eucalyptus tree can absorb 200 gallons of water a day.
The company currently has about 63,000 hectares of eucalyptus trees planted on these plantations.