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  • derivation
  • word history
  • development of words
  • history of words
  • origin of words

Words related to etymology

a history of a word

the study of the sources and development of words

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Then there is the discussion of the Hungarian etymology giving a short overview of previous scholarship and more detailed argumentation for the derivations in the head.
While an etymological connection of verbs meaning die and fall is in itself possible, this etymology is difficult to combine with the fact that the original meaning of Saami *jame- 'die' is rather connected with numbness and stiffness.
Among dubious stems 8 stems have an alternative loan etymology, of these 5 may be loans from PIE: nidu-(ma) 'to connect', pese-(ma) 'to wash', sang 'handle', sidu-(ma) 'to bind', sore 'of large grains', 1 from Proto-Indo-Iranian: sinine 'blue' , 1 from Proto-Baltic: lepp 'alder', 1 from Proto-Germanic: vahe 'few'.
To return now to linguistic matters, some few commentators on the etymology of tango have alluded to the historically attested tango andaluz, although the dependent position of the colonial vis-a-vis the colonizer makes Iberia, for Latin American scholars and word buffs, a less emotionally attractive source of distinctively Argentinian musical and choreographical performances.
It is well known that in 1929 Tolkien worked on the etymology of the name Nodens mentioned on a Roman curse stone.
For a year or more I talked myself out of it--'You don't do etymology, you don't do time travel, you don't write for people under thirteen.
A fuller etymology was published in the blog, Balashon--Hebrew Language Detective, on Thursday, September 21, 2006, and may be retrieved from http://www.
Reaching a conclusion on the etymology of cholera remains intriguing.
I looked up the etymology of the word to see that Pandemonium is the name of the palace built in the middle of hell in Paradise Lost.
The etymology is fairly obvious and, frankly, unfit for a family newspaper.
As the show proposes a newer view of the vernacular as entwined with spectacle, hopefully attention will still be paid to its etymology as firmly located within historical questions of ownership, race, and class.
The name most likely means 'Eagle's Teaching' or, based on a weaker etymology, 'Eagle's Nest'.
This handsome volume presents a full selection of vines in an A-Z format by Latin name, with a description of their behavior and attributes, and notes on the varieties, propagation, method of climbing, and etymology.
The other use of etymology has more to do with curiosity than with ideology.
I, too, checked the etymology of the word and found that it has been in use since 1833 and is described as American English, coming from our cousins across the pond.