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  • derivation
  • word history
  • development of words
  • history of words
  • origin of words

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a history of a word

the study of the sources and development of words

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Finally, returning to methods, I would like to remind the reader that it was not comparative linguists but classical etymologists who personally compared languages and proposed etymological equivalents.
First of all, Boccaccio could not mean that a name can signify who and what a person is--a characteristic which medieval etymologists were willing to attribute to pre-Adamitic language or to extraordinary people, as the case is with Beatrice (Vita nuova 2.
Unlike Picasso, it is probable Earp and his opinions would have vanished without trace but for two reasons, the first being that his name is habitually cited by etymologists as the origin of the word 'twerp' (with his Oxford contemporary J.
How do you expect to remove it and hint at the long process of normalising rates without upending the markets Do you have economists - or etymologists - working on this issue
During modern times, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm serve as good examples of professional etymologists.
Having a name can mean different things to psychologists, folklorists, etymologists, or anthropologists.
There is a possibility of comparison with Lat terra 'earth, land, country, the earth', derived by some etymologists from IE *ter'spread out, extend' and further to OIr, Wels, Bret tir 'land, country' (Tucker 241) (E-M 687-8).