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a lexicographer who specializes in etymology

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The pre-eminent etymologist Allen Walker Read has pointed out that "only a wavering line" exists between beautiful Indian names like Susquehanna and Appalachia, and those "with a jocular flavor" such as Poughkeepsie, Oshkosh, and Kalamazoo.
Vander Sijs, a Dutch linguist and etymologist, shows how many other Dutch words and phrases have emigrated into North American English.
Turkey's history as a corridor and a prize for migrating and trading peoples - whether nomads, refugees or conquering empires - has made it, in the words of etymologist Professor George Hewitt, a "linguistic treasure-trove".
104) Pulitzer Prize winner and noted etymologist, William Safire, agrees that "deplored" is a step below "condemned," ignoring any modifiers, on the scale of harsh language employed by the Security Council in its resolutions.
ONCE again we have an expert linguist or etymologist raising the hoary old question of the Welsh for certain words in everyday use.
Kingwell has a knack for being topical and timeless, playful and profound; he can chase you back to the Greeks or to Star Trek; he can reference The X-Files or Neil Postman; he can play a very culturally literate pop guru or a scholarly etymologist.
But, as any good etymologist knows, by looking at the origin and root of a word, we can learn something more.
In due course she became by turn historian, biographer, etymologist, and versifier, all the while acting as sole editor, from 1851 to 1893, of the Monthly Packet.
Any etymologist worth his salt will tell you that the bad language of yesterday is the acceptable language of today and the dying language of tomorrow.
To be present when Mac Low was composing, or to engage with him in conversational repartee, was to relish the knowledgeable humor of a passionate autodidact and virtuoso etymologist, spurred by the painfully compassionate social sensibilities of a political activist.
Szumlas is an etymologist who studies insecticides and repellants for sand flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, the dreaded "no-seeums" and any other bug, bird, insect or animal carrying diseases that infect our troops.
Bailly has been the National Spelling Bee's resident etymologist since 1993.
An etymologist will naturally be dissatisfied with vague approximations to the meaning of an isolated form that can be derived from the text and be inclined to have recourse to forms and meanings in other languages.
Like the previous two issues, Studies in Medievalism II is devoted to the theme of `Medievalism in the Academy', and it scrutinizes the work of the seventeenth-century Dutch etymologist Francis Junius; the pictures of Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims by Thomas Stothard and William Blake; a Mozart opera, Konig Garibald; Lady Charlotte Guest's Mabinogion; nineteenth-century American responses to claims the country was discovered by the Norse; the professional reputation of the medievalist F.
An etymologist has also been employed to spray against mosquitoes, which has resulted in a reduction of malaria cases in the school from 250 to just 60 cases a month.