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a dictionary giving the historical origins of each word

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A Historical and Etymological Dictionary of American Sign Language discusses how ASL came to be developed, and follows its evolution from early ASL creation until the late 19th century.
Critique: Impressively well written, organized and presented, "A Historical and Etymological Dictionary of American Sign Language" is a seminal work of exceptional scholarship.
Clauson, Sir Gerard (1972) An etymological dictionary of pre-thirteenth century Tukish.
While Puhvel's etymological dictionary does not have the same descriptivist goals as the CHD, it would be desirable to see it take some cues on presentation from its competitors.
Skok, Petar (SKOK) 1971-1974 Etimologijski rjecnik hrvatskoga ili srpskoga jezika [An Etymological Dictionary of the Croatian or Serbian Language].
He is an amateur lexicologist of some distinction as well, busily at work upon an etymological dictionary and having advanced as far as the letter L.
His permanent achievement is his Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (2 vols, 1959 and 1969), which is only now being revised by a team of scholars at the University of Leiden.
A continental influence shows up in Dutch Smous (a German Jew) and in Swindler, said by Ernest Weekley, in his An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English (1921) to be 'picked up ill 1762 from German Jews in London.
I shall provide a few examples of what can be generated with the specialized dictionaries: with the grammar dictionary one could find, for example, all transitive verbs or all adverbial expressions; the etymological dictionary permits the generation of wordlists based on the source language of Italian words; with the glossari settoriali dictionary one could access all the terminology relevant to over forty different fields.
In some way, the paper is an extended comparative etymological dictionary, not unlike that of Williams and his intellectual soulmate Tregear from the 19th century, but focused on concepts that Cain believes are central to the Rapanui belief system of some time past.
To be sure, Claiborne's more conventional and not very precise etymological dictionary also sometimes makes fanciful etymological flights, to account for the approximately 300,000 English words that its Indo-European roots can allegedly explain.
In addition to the Uralic (UEW) and Finnish etymological dictionaries (SSA), Laszlo Keresztes ' etymological glossary (MdKons), the Zyrian etymological dictionary (K[?
43) On this basis, we find the development 'Jovian cycle' [right arrow] 'year' attributed to Takashima in the ABC Etymological Dictionary, essentially the opposite of the perhaps more intuitive 'year' [right arrow] 'Jupiter' above.
It would certainly be inappropriate and implausible to suspect the author of a classical etymological dictionary of a penchent for trivial metaphors--the statement used as a motto for the present paper is well rooted in the historical origin of both words.
This volume foreshadows a larger forthcoming project, which will be a new multi-volume etymological dictionary of English, a project, the author explains in his introduction, which is rooted in his late-1980s obsession with the word heifer.