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  • derivation
  • word history
  • development of words
  • history of words
  • origin of words

Words related to etymology

a history of a word

the study of the sources and development of words

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Krapf embarks on several etymologic excursions into place names (i.
To say that pencil, for example, applies primarily to form is no idle etymologic statement.
Regional practice is probably the single most important variant, but educational and social backgrounds also play a part, as do personal preferences and even etymologic theories.
8] The perhaps somewhat old-fashioned term sagesse, "wisdom," was deliberately chosen in order to avoid all-too-frequent misunderstanding of Corbin's own preference for the term theosophie, although Corbin himself had already made it abundantly clear that he used this term in an etymologic al sense only, corresponding literally to hikma ilahiya and meaning a peculiar type of philosophy that is both rational and inspired.