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Synonyms for etiquette

Synonyms for etiquette

socially correct behavior

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rules governing socially acceptable behavior

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A little display of etiquettes might go a long way in favoring them; someone might just help them because they exhibit morals and ethics like being respectful and trustworthy.
Our series about business phone etiquette is a must-read for everyone who transacts business over the phone - especially if calls are coming in over a virtual toll-free phone number," said SendMyCall spokesman Alexander Rozenman.
Sadly, many people (I will not call them golfers) are 'beyond golf etiquette repair'.
They cover the etiquette of men, women, and children in different social situations, focusing on the etiquette of introductions and greetings, dress codes, hospitality and dining etiquette, body language and verbal communication, and social conventions related to online networking and interaction, and they incorporate aspects of history, politics, religion, folklore, and sociology.
The collapse of clear-cut rules of etiquette, the advent of open-plan offices, and increasing connectivity spur energy and creativity.
Abu Dhabi: In a country where more than 200 nationalities co-exist and co-mingle, dining etiquette acquires nuances that go beyond one's own cultural preferences.
Structured by way of five main empirical chapters, which variously focus on insolence, deference, etiquette, rudeness and violence, and draw on legal records, newspapers and advice handbooks, Shutt argues that 'debates over etiquette reflected society-wide conflicts and confusions over race and status' (pp.
The purpose of etiquette is the same whether it's a social or business situation.
Held in Arab Institute for Financial and Administrative Studies and presented by the National Institute of Pioneers, the course included several subjects, including defining etiquette, values of etiquette and protocol, the relationship between etiquette and protocol in the Arab culture, the contrast between etiquette and protocol, guidance on how to be an ambassador for an organisation, how to make a good first impression and international courtesies.
We asked Miselle Borgonio, a certified image consultant, to enlighten us on just how we could all learn from better manners and etiquette.
In the last issue of the ADAA Journal, the first of a two part article was presented on Electronic Etiquette in the dental office.
OLYMPIC great Victoria Pendleton pledged to learn "a lot" from her second ride as an amateur jockey as she finished well beaten on Royal Etiquette at Beverley yesterday.
An Arab author is helping parents in Bahrain to teach their cheeky children good manners and decorum with the release of her latest book, Etiquette -- From Childhood To Adolescence.
UKPRwire, Mon Aug 03 2015] Socialite, jet-setter, and, certified etiquette expert, Amanda Cummings, announced today that she is teaming with her friend, T.