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a pale and sickly appearance

the act of weakening by stunting the growth or development of something

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(botany) the act of causing a plant to develop without chlorophyll by growing it without exposure to sunlight

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Induction of several new proteins in V-seedlings suggest that they may have been expressed in response to the near etiolation response induced by red light perceived by the plant.
This etiolation is even more striking because in certain instances some colors have been preserved, such as the yellow of a lemon in Untitled (Lemon), 2006.
Such forms of gradual etiolation and diminution may have reflected early stages of the cooptation of "mass" culture into other channels (music-hall performances, fiction, and eventually films), but this co-optation might itself be seen as one of the more ironic consequences of the gradual broadening of educational and literary opportunities.
These levels may not have been sufficient to activate the phytochrome response and entirely inhibit etiolation.