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Seeds were incubated on a cold plate at 17 [degrees] C for 168 h in the dark, by wrapping the petri dishes in black photographic bags, to cause the plumule to etiolate.
These results are consistent with the tendency of plants to etiolate as light levels decrease, and indicated greater competition for light under the high density than the low density.
More broadly, it would be constructive to remember that art has historically encompassed different types of wit, which often etiolates in the context of the modern gallery.
An aptly abstract expression for the end result of a process whereby physical labor is converted into independent products which in turn are reified into a value form dictated by market forces, commodity form transforms both man and raw material into a commodity destined for endless and equivalent circulation in a global exchange economy that vitiates and etiolates every aspect of human life.
102-21 to imagination in Pascal, he etiolates the tensions woven between social bonds based on force and imagination and the ferocious onslaught against natural justice (pp.