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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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Also, unregulated emissions like Formic Acid (HCOOH), Propane (C3H8), Ethylene (C2H4), Ethyne (C2H2), Benzene (C6H6), 1,3-Butadiene (1,3-C4H6), Toluene (C7H8) and Butene (C4H8) are significantly reduced with HCNG fuel.
The reaction to synthesize carbon nanotubes were conducted in a horizontal tubular furnace at atmospheric pressure with ethyne gas as the carbon source.
The HR-TEM micrograph of the prepared CNTs from Fe/Ni catalyst by decomposition of ethyne (acetylene) is presented in figure 4.
8) During the decomposition of the feedstock, the addition of a free radical to ethyne (H-C[equivalent to]C-H) takes place.