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the univalent hydrocarbon radical C2H5 derived from ethane by the removal of one hydrogen atom

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Three-micrometer-thick FFPE tissue sections were aged in a 56[degrees]C oven overnight, deparaffinized with xylene, dehydrated in ethylic alcohol, and pretreated with Pretreatment Solution and ready-to-use pepsin from the Histology FISH Accessory Kit (Dako).
Ethylic psychosis is a rare form, and its correct diagnosis attracts irresponsibility (10).
At the same session of sonography, 96% ethylic alcohol was in- jected into the nodule by means of a 10 cc syringe with a 23 Gauge needle.
For the anatomical study, aerial systems of three adult plants were fixed in FAA 50 (one part formaldehyde: one part glacial acetic acid: 18 parts 50% ethanol, v/v) for 48h (Johansen 1940), dehydrated in a graded ethylic series and infiltrated in glycol methacrylate resin (Leica Historesin-Leica[TM]-Wetzlar, Germany).
Also, the male (c1 and c4) are those who consume larger gram quantities of alcohol and search intently ethylic intoxication, stating, somewhat more than women do, that they drink because their friends do it.
The first objective of our study was to prove the influence of ethylic cirrhosis on both the coping strategies used by our patients and their self-reported QL.
The harvestmen were anesthetised with ether prior to dissection of the testes, which were fixed in 3:1 (absolute ethylic alcohol: glacial acetic acid), preserved in 70% ethanol and stored in the refrigerator until use.
Originally we had the water bearers, and one can no longer ascertain the ethylic properties of the liquid they were then bearing; nowadays it is primarily the women who accompany the parade who offer the "logistic support" in this arena, exchanging drinks for kisses and bead necklaces.
The clear, water-based gel is formulated with ethylic acid, vitamin [D.
It follows a centrifugation process of the nano-tubes from the solution at 6000 rpm, the final washing with anhydrous ethylic alcohol, the oven drying for 8 hours at 443K and finally the dry milling process.
The clear, water-base gel is formulated with ethylic acid, vitamin [D.
In order to verify if pollen grains are viable and mature before flower opening, flower buds at anthesis were randomly collected, and the pistils were fixed in FAA (37% formalin, acetic acid and 30% ethylic alcohol, on the ratio of 5:5:90), according to (Dafni, 1992).
Nevertheless, even if Cargo cult phenomena are assimilated to stereotypes of Western confusion and to products of Western petit-Bourgeois culture, or to colonial agents' ethylic imagination intended to pathologise Melanesian cultures to better repress them, Jebens concedes that despite their 'uncertain and confusing ethnographic reality itself .