ethyl ether

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The root was torrefied (50 [degrees]C) and chopped, soaking in ethyl ether for 24 h, then ultrasonic-assisted extraction was used for three times (30 min/time).
If brewers reduce the heat applied, says Vanderhaegen, they can decrease the amount of furfuryl alcohol in the wort and, therefore, the amount of furfuryl ethyl ether that forms in the stored beer.
For the removal of neutral, acidic, and basic compounds in the ethyl ether extract of serum, ion-exchange chromatography has been widely used (4-11).
For the ethyl ether extraction, we added 5 g NaCl and 1 mL 6 N HCl to 100 g shellfish homogenate as prepared above; the substances were mixed and then boiled for 5 min.
Its broad solvency and slow evaporation rate make it a suitable replacement for ethylene glycol ethyl ether acetate (EEA), according to the company.
Low surface tension liquids include ethyl ether (17), n-hexane (18.
The solvent washing extracts, after evaporating the ethyl ether, were dissolved in chloroform (~ 100 ng/[micro]L) and analyzed using a Thermo Finnigan Trace GC[TM] equipped with a Trace MS[TM] electron impact ionization detector (m/z scan range: 24-600 amu) and a 15-m Restek RTX-5MS capillary column.
The chemicals - seized in drug lab raids and illegally dumped for several years starting in the late 1970s - include such hazardous substances as sodium cyanide, ethyl ether, benzene and toluene.
The chemicals include sodium cyanide, ethyl ether and nearly a dozen other toxic compounds, but according to preliminary tests they are not threatening local wells.
Lyondell Chemical Company has added a new solvent to its oxygenated solvents product line that is designed as a "drop-in replacement" for ethyl ether acetate (EEA).
Take ethyl ether, a clear liquid once used by biology teachers to sedate fruit flies.
3%) in the ethyl ether fraction and a greater yield (21.
The active chemical constituents for anti-adipogenic activity, halforclinol (12), ethyl ether aegeline (13) and esculetin (9), can be further chemically optimized to get the more active molecules for inhibition of adipocytes differentiation.