ethyl ether

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The authors found, experimentally, that the highest activity coefficient of ethane for an infinite dilution is present in the methanol mixture, followed by mixtures considering acetone, methyl acetate, benzene, ethyl ether, and n-hexane.
Out of the 14 compounds halfordinol (12), ethyl ether aegeline (13) and esculetin (9) were most active with % of lipid content 10.
The clear solution was extracted with ethyl ether in a liquid-liquid extractor.
He recalled a Florida state bomb squad deliberately detonating less than half a pint of ethyl ether.
For the eluation of unsaponifiable matter the column was flushed with 20 mL mixture of ethyl ether and ethyl acetate (1 : 1).
3, 2004 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Vanderhaegen's team detailed how furfuryl ethyl ether forms.
The 100% ethyl ether eluate, which was yellow and showed high JH activity, was stored at -20 [degrees]C.
The mixture was vortex-mixed for 30 s, equilibrated for 15 min, and saturated with ~20 mg of NaCl; 11 mL of ethyl ether was then added.
The GC-MS analysis of sample 8 (Figure 2) reveals a distribution of two propylene glycol ethyl ether (PGEE) isomers with a ratio of [approximately equal to] 13:1 and two impurities, propylene glycol monomethyl ether (PGME) and ethanol.
Seed extraction: Fresh seeds (3350 g) were ground and extracted with ethyl ether to afford 82 g of an extract which was filtered through silica gel (35-70 mesh; hexane/Et2O).
Deputies said they found several ounces of PCP, a five-gallon can of ethyl ether and two one-gallon plastic containers with liquid PCP residue inside.
used ethyl ether while removing a tumor from the neck of a patient.
Constructed of Poly Ethyl Ether Ketone (PEEK), Allegro single-use needles eliminate the cost and labor of cleaning verification and validation associated with traditional stainless steel filling needles.
panthenyl ethyl ether, milk protein, lactose, myo-inositol, acetyl cysteine, acetyl methionine, sodium citrate, citric acid.
The root was torrefied (50 [degrees]C) and chopped, soaking in ethyl ether for 24 h, then ultrasonic-assisted extraction was used for three times (30 min/time).