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Synonyms for ethos

Synonyms for ethos

the thought processes characteristic of an individual or group

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(anthropology) the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era

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Insofar as school ethoses fulfill this function, differences between the motivational profiles emerge, which translate into differences in mean FTP extension for the different groups, regardless of social class.
A particular teleos can be evaluated in several different ethoses.
If the ethoses have common parts their intersection is not empty, [E.
The resulting cultural communities are typically independent of geography, as their ethoses are transmitted through means other than spatial proximity.
The more that national and international communications replace geographic and regionally defined culture, the greater the impetus for the proliferation of new (albeit narrower) ethoses.
Dagan argues that restitutionary choices within a culture track attitudes towards property and personhood; overarching patterns across cultures reflect divergent national ethoses.
Institutions, mass movements, collective ethoses are, after all, but the systematizations of individual human impulses.
TWO opposing footballing ethoses renew battle evening with Everton determined to prove once again that money does not necessarily mean success.