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Synonyms for ethos

Synonyms for ethos

the thought processes characteristic of an individual or group

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(anthropology) the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era

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Imtiaz Ghani, GM at ETHOS Technologies added: "Hubnetix is a highly versatile, progressive and innovative manufacturer with a big future and so we're proud to be able to use our proven expertise and experience in the marketing/distributor channel to help bring these virtues into focus.
If you must establish ethos but don't have time to build a relationship, then borrow credibility either by quoting someone your audience trusts or by asking that person to speak on your behalf.
We decided to partner with Ethos Technologies because of its great track record in serving the SMB sector," he added.
Comprehending the traditions, myths, folk memories and beliefs that comprise Labour's ethos (which is often subject to differing interpretations), is aided by Raymond Williams' work on culture.
It makes a bit of a squeak on the return stroke, but that's not noticeable when firing the Ethos.
Ethos Technologies is a technology distribution company headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with operations in India and Pakistan.
The 20-gauge ETHOS is a welcome addition to the company's line.
The same people who led each of the hospital groups before the merger are all part of the new leadership team and the board of Ethos.
Noor Bank had previously been awarded the UAEaACAOs aACAyBest Overall Performance in Customer ServiceaACAO honour on the 9th Annual Bank Benchmarking Index, compiled by the same independent body - Ethos Integrated Solutions.
According to Ethos, the transaction was subject to various conditions precedent, including various de-merger and supply arrangements with Nampak and approval by the Competition authorities.
Benelli USA has launched "America's ETHOS 50-State Tour.
Brought to India by Ethos, a chain of luxury watch boutiques, the GPHG is considered to be the most prestigious annual awards in horology.
Colorado-based Ethos Distributed Energy has acquired Rev1 Renewables, a company that provides solutions for the global renewable energy industry, to establish a joint company, Ethos Distributed Solutions.
EDGBASTON High School's unique ethos develops confident, well-rounded young women.
A WEBSITE produced by creative agency Ethos has been shortlisted alongside those of Nasa, the Swedish Government, New York City Government and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for a prestigious award within the digital industry.