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Synonyms for ethos

Synonyms for ethos

the thought processes characteristic of an individual or group

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(anthropology) the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era

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For the tour, Federal Premium Ammunition is supplying 12-gauge ammo and the ETHOS is protected in a Pelican 1750 Case.
Of course like any Bench, the Ethos comes with a shim kit that permits changes in drop and cast.
Ross Hutchins, creative director of Ethos Creative graphic design company, in Llantrisant PICTURE: Andrew James (c)
Optionally, the valances can be printed with the establishment's logo as shown in this image at Ethos Greek Bistro.
Transparency is not the issue and what Ethos is trying to do is educate companies as to the definition of customer service and what it can achieve if proactively integrated into the sales and business development strategy.
Even today, some stores do not greet customers, neither do they qualify their customers' needs," said Robert Keay, CEO, Ethos Consultancy.
Not that attempts to annihilate the old ethos were not made straight away, as is proved by Jinnah's insistence on Urdu as the national language, even for Bengalis, and Balochistan being overrun militarily, a clear message to all to conform or face the consequences.
The Ethos acquisition will augment Tejas' product offerings in the packet optical space and enhance its Future Proof Transport Architecture (FPTATM) solution.
That may change thanks to James Pereiro's recent book, Ethos and the Oxford Movement.
Ethos Consultancy, a leading provider of innovative customer service measurement and improvement solutions within the Middle East, launched its new corporate brand identity.
The Navy Ethos is a tangible expression of these core values and was created using the comments of thousands of active and Reserve Sailors and Navy civilians.
The advocacy group, Ethos, has called on UBS AG shareholders to reject a new pay system at an annual general meeting scheduled for April 15.
THE right of Catholic schools to guard their religious ethos could be undermined by proposed education reforms, the Primate of all Ireland warned yesterday.
For the Tractarians this made the early church an absolute paradigm for the recovery of a Catholic ethos for the Church of England because it was in those centuries that theologians exhibited the necessary moral holiness requisite for the discovery of divine truth.
Ethos Water, a brand dedicated to helping children get clean water, is driving support for its mission by collaborating with H20 Africa, a foundation focused on clean water initiatives.