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a zoologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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Growing up in a fifth-floor apartment and attending an urban university, watching squirrels collecting nuts was an enjoyable "field work" experience for this future ethologist (I still stop to watch them).
And what part does Dr Robert Massey, an ethologist at the university's primate lab, have to play in the whole sorry tale?
The neuropsyquiatist, psychoanalyst and ethologist Frenchman Boris Cyrulnik (2001) incorporates the psychoanalytic notion of trauma, for which it needs two shots: the first originates in what is real and the second originates in the representation of reality, I.
Carol Sankey, an ethologist at the University of Rennes, who led the research, insists that horses have "excellent memories," and can recall their human friends even after being separated.
The ethologist Konrad Lorenz had similar notions of drive when he postulated (1950) that some sort of energy, specific to one definitive activity, accumulates and is stored while the activity remains quiescent, and that energy is then consumed in the discharge of the activity.
This call might be used by individuals to alert others about who and where they are," says Alban Lemasson, an ethologist (scientist who studies animal behavior) at the University of Rennes, France.
15) This conception of laughter has been drawn on by ethologist Konrad Lorenz, who argued that laughter promotes both strong intra-group affinity and aggressiveness against outsiders so that "laughter forms a bond and simultaneously draws a line.
20) Hamilton was a gifted ethologist interested in social insects, which show extreme altruism.
Foremost among this group is Richard Dawkins, a British ethologist and evolutionary biologist at Oxford University, whose latest book, The God Delusion, has remained near the top of best-seller lists.
Esther was trained as ethologist and started her career by carefully documenting repetitive movement stereotypy's, first in grooming wasps (masters degree, 1973) and, later in developing infants (doctoral degree, 1977).
Lay, animal scientists Jeremy Marchant-Forde and Ruth Marchant-Forde, animal immunologist Susan Eicher, and neuroscientist Heng-wei Cheng, all with ARS's Livestock Behavior Research Unit, and ethologist Ed Pajor, with Purdue University at West Lafayette, Indiana.
I wanted to follow in Jane Goodall's footsteps and be a research ethologist.
He finds resources in the thought of Freud and also in the research of the ethologist Konrad Lorenz.
Glenn Weisfeld, a human ethologist at Wayne State University in Detroit, suggests that tickling may do much more.
In the early 1980s ethologist Robert Horwich conducted a study of black howler monkeys in Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala.