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the branch of zoology that studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats

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The global approach also addresses a need to extend the application of neuroscientific and ethological theory and shift the emphasis in existing studies on the Upper Palaeolithic of south-western Europe to include the rock art of other regions of the world.
If we suspend our biases, ethological insights are a marvelous addition to functional behavioral data, and allow clinicians to expand their observational database beyond specific target behaviors.
Ethological indicators of isolated and confined teams in the perspectives of missions to Mars.
Ethological contributions: Experiential and genetic contributions to the expression and inhibition of aggression in primates.
The tracking vessel represents a useful and fully instrumented, mobile floating object adapted to conduct detailed ethological observations to improve our knowledge of the behavior of tuna aggregated around floating objects.
Drawing on current ethological research, Carroll documents that boys and girls who are raised as siblings, even if they are not related, are "genetically programmed" to find sexual relations distasteful.
There are new attempts to create a "semi-wild" world for the animals: simulated wild habitats and open spaces both for the sake of the individual animals and their social groups and for the ethological and ecological education and enjoyment of humans.
An ethological study of peaceful associative outcomes to conflict in preschool children.
This book appears both as one of the Mensch, Kultur and Umwelt series emerging from the 1970s fieldwork of an inter-disciplinary German team on the Eipo-Mek people of Irian Jaya, and as a contribution to the theory of the development of language seen from a human ethological perspective.
Biological and ethological notes on Falco peregrinus cassini in central Argentina.
One of the 17 conferences due to take place this year in NewcastleGateshead Is Behaviour2013, the 33rd International Ethological Conference, delivered jointly with the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.
Tether versus loose sows: ethological observations and measures of productivity.