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Asked by the newspaper Ethnos if he would consider a debt "reprofiling" rather than a restructuring, Papandreou said: "We are looking after our job C* We do not join the public discussion about such scenarios.
25) The editorial policies of most of these papers match the interests of seperate ethno political groups, that is, political parties representing exclusive ethno-national interests.
Other examples from classical languages include Hebrew goy, Greek ethnos, Latin gens.
Anthony Pagden's contribution, "The people of the New World: ethnos, race and empire in the early-modern world," explores the role of race in justifying imperial ideologies.
Over millennia, we have found it expedient to be recognized as an ethnos, a religion, as dhimmis, a Volk, nation, culture, etc.
In my performances of the Sermon on the Mount, I have rendered "Gentiles" as "foreigners," since ethnos primarily denotes foreign nations or people from a foreign ethnic group.
Israeli scholars agree, including Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Professor Oren Yiftachel, in a 1999 paper titled "Ethnocracy: the Politics of Judaizing Israel/Palestine," saying Israel is an ethnocratic regime "enhanc(ing) a rule by, and for, a specific ethnos, and a dominance of ethnicity over citizenship (by) facilitat(ing) the expansion of one ethnic group over contested territory or polity.
Lithuanian-Polish-Belarusian borderland is the centre of Europe and during all period after disintegration of the USSR remains the centre of stability and safe coexistence of various ethnos occupying it.
Since ancient Ioudaioi were considered an ethnos rather than a religious movement, M.
Another daily, Ethnos, said any measures announced by Papandreou were unlikely to have an immediate impact on markets.
10) As I have suggested elsewhere, this simultaneous affirmation and denial of ethnicity is a site of productive ambivalence in which Eusebius constructs Christianity as an ethnos descended from the Hebrews and understands membership in that group as the transcendence of ethnicity and embodiment.
I am one of many people in this country who have become detached from their ethnic roots where those roots were in Dutch South Africa or Indonesia or Britain or Greece or wherever, and have joined a pool of no recognizable ethnos whose language of exchange is English.
L'etnoiatrica (1) (dal greco ethnos = popolo e jatriche = medicina) o etnomedicina e un corpus di studi interculturali che permette di comprendere come all'interno della societa la salute di un individuo debba essere letta attraverso una complessa griglia interpretativa in cui gli aspetti medico-fisiologici si connettono a quelli antroposociali.
In 2008, close to 150 000 illegal immigrants and 2000 people traffickers were arrested in Greece, and the tide--described in a headline in Greek newspaper Ethnos on June 21 as "a new tsunami of illegal immigration" continues to swell.
Shaping a Kyrgyz citizen who takes an active part in life of the country, knows and respects history and culture not only of his or her ethnos, but also of those who live here and is ready to work for the future of the country - is the foal for the state and national elite,\" said President Bakiev.