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an anthropologist who studies ethnology

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In a recent book, Scottish ethnologist Gary West puts it aptly when he writes: "they should be viewed as non-identical twins within a family of disciplines that study the culture of humanity" (Voicing Scotland: Folk, Culture, Nation.
We do have a couple of obituaries, but it is also appropriate to acknowledge the passing of two distinguished scholarly figures: Alexander 'Sandy' Fenton (1929-2012), ethnologist and champion of vernacular culture, founder of the European Ethnological Research Centre and the Review of Scottish Culture, and director of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland; and John Miles Foley (1947-2012), scholar of comparative literature and founder of the journal Oral Tradition, whose work with ancient Greek, Old English, and South Slavic literatures has done much to advance the Parry--Lord theory of oral literature.
Later in the volume, ethnologist Oksana Kis, addresses issues surrounding truth emerging in her oral histories recounted by Ukrainian women who reflect on post-communist histories.
Its title, "Les Maitres du Desordre" (Masters of Chaos), is borrowed from a 1999 book on shamanism by French ethnologist Bertrand Hell.
Anna Ilieva, senior dance ethnologist, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, describes the young man she accompanied while he researched Bulgarian culture, one who introduced her to her life's work.
Working professionally in the music industry since age 16, Brent Fischer has enjoyed a wide variety of roles as arranger, composer, producer, conductor, book editor, and a music ethnologist, performing and recording worldwide with groups from more than 20 different countries on 10 different instruments.
After this, the ethnologist HEnsch will be interrogated as a witness.
The national costume is the only, main cultural phenomenon that can separate us from all the other people on the Balkans, even Europe and the world," said ethnologist Aleksandar Todorovski.
The construction of these maps points to the importance of Charles Richards as a nineteenth-century ethnologist.
Koppers Indien", meaning 29 cylinders with traditional music of the Bhil in India, recorded by the Vienna ethnologist Wilhelm Koppers (1886-1961) in Rambhapur in 1939.
From 1974 to 1977, as a photographer and filmmaker, he covered the kidnap of French ethnologist Franois Claustre in northern Chad.
But despite their rarity, we have noticed that the new generation, the new middle class, are aware of their heritage," Isabelle Denamur, ethnologist and curator of the exhibition, said.
Her other publications include: "The Genetic Reinscription of Race", Annual Review of Anthropology (2007); "Rethinking Genetic Genealogy: A Response to Stephan Palmi", American Ethnologist (2007); "Edward Said and the Political Present" American Ethnologist (2005); "Reflections on Archaeology and Israeli Settler-Nationhood", Radical History Review (spring 2003); "Translating Truths: Nationalism, Archaeological Practice and the Remaking of Past and Present in Contemporary Jerusalem", American Ethnologist (1998).
In order to clarify this rather irritating lack of clarity and to point out a blind spot in historical studies on play in France, Thierry Wendling, ethnologist at the CNRS, devotes his contribution in this issue to the rivalry between Claude Levi-Strauss and Roger Caillois, with respect to cultural relativism in particular.
Brasser, a former ethnologist with the Museum of Civilization, has looked to a broader field--all of the continent--to examine the weath of creativity and beauty produced by its Native peoples.