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an anthropologist who studies ethnology

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Even Swanton and Waterson become active characters in certain stories, as when Tova and some of her friends prank the ethnologist with a tongue-in-cheek initiation ceremony, or when Swanton has to find his way to safety and attempt to rescue his research when severe flooding hits the island.
From the 1960s onwards, ethnologists tried to save these ancient buildings from destruction by transferring them to open air museums, where they were rebuilt one brick at a time.
Wearing partially the "masque of decadence" of the '40s-'50s, strongly torn between extreme ideologies, the ethnologist proves to have a destiny "market by political prejudice", due to options which oscillated from fascism to communism.
The "paradigm of the last survivor," as defined by Daniel Fabre, lies at the origin of such a construction: the ethnologist is in this sense
But this is very rarely possible and thus a source of frustration for stroke patients," ethnologist Michael Andersen from University of Copenhagen, said.
In his book, 'Magnificent Molas: The Art of the Kuna Indians,' French ethnologist Michel Perrin said Scottish surgeon Lionel Wafer met the people of the San Blas Archipelago as early as 1681 and noted the women's 'passion for graphic arts.
In the words of ethnologist Ilija Suvariev, the Carnival of Strumica is the oldest and the most authentic event of this kind in Macedonia and beyond.
Bourdieu compared his approach to that of 'bureaucratic sociology' that 'only has access to its interviewees through intermediary interviewers and that, unlike even the most cautious ethnologist, has no opportunity to see the interviewees or their immediate environment' (pp.
We do have a couple of obituaries, but it is also appropriate to acknowledge the passing of two distinguished scholarly figures: Alexander 'Sandy' Fenton (1929-2012), ethnologist and champion of vernacular culture, founder of the European Ethnological Research Centre and the Review of Scottish Culture, and director of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland; and John Miles Foley (1947-2012), scholar of comparative literature and founder of the journal Oral Tradition, whose work with ancient Greek, Old English, and South Slavic literatures has done much to advance the Parry--Lord theory of oral literature.
After this, the ethnologist HEnsch will be interrogated as a witness.
The national costume is the only, main cultural phenomenon that can separate us from all the other people on the Balkans, even Europe and the world," said ethnologist Aleksandar Todorovski.
The construction of these maps points to the importance of Charles Richards as a nineteenth-century ethnologist.
Koppers Indien", meaning 29 cylinders with traditional music of the Bhil in India, recorded by the Vienna ethnologist Wilhelm Koppers (1886-1961) in Rambhapur in 1939.
From 1974 to 1977, as a photographer and filmmaker, he covered the kidnap of French ethnologist Franois Claustre in northern Chad.
But despite their rarity, we have noticed that the new generation, the new middle class, are aware of their heritage," Isabelle Denamur, ethnologist and curator of the exhibition, said.