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of or relating to ethnology


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What emerges in this painful saga is the utter helplessness of many ethnological subjects in determining representations of themselves.
an ethnological purpose in the pursuit of which I hope[d} to turn my visit to some account in combating American prejudice against the darker colored races of mankind, and at the same time to raise colored people somewhat in their own estimation and thus stimulate them to higher endeavors" (579).
ISLAMABAD -- The credit to document and preserve the country's musical heritage goes to Lok Virsa (National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage) as it has set up a "Hall of Musical Heritage" at the ethnological museum of Pakistan to provide a better understanding of country's musical traditions.
Dr Ulrike Al Khamisi, Middle Eastern and Islamic Arts Collections Adviser, said the exhibition evolved out of a close study of the collections reflecting the world's Muslim cultures in the Vatican Ethnological Museum.
000 years of civilization, offering ethnological and architectural variety.
Eingelagerte Welten" (Worlds in Storage) was the title of this exhibition, consisting mainly of Candida Hofer's photographs of ethnological collections across Europe and in New York.
At Shakespeare's famous Globe Theater, the Bitola Theater Company staged Part 3 of Shakespeare's trilogy Henry VI, while the Macedonian folklore and ethnological legacy were presented through the performance of Stefce Stojkoski and his company.
Scientist and cultural anthropologist Franz Boas hired Weike to assist him in his geographical and ethnological research of the Inuit following the first Polar Year of 1882-1883.
My response presents an emotional approach to the assemblage and entanglement of the ethnological, folkloristic, and anthropological perspectives presented in these articles.
Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska opened an ethnological exhibition at the Monastery of St.
A country's cultural, political, sociological, and ethnological contexts shape accounting in that country, the authors assert.
The dignitary was taken around various creative displays at the first ethnological museum of Pakistan, popularly known as Heritage Museum, portraying living folk culture and lifestyles of the people representing each and every corner of the country including remotest parts.
as a Stone Age tribe clad only in leaves and using primeval tools and were quickly picked up on by the Western media, becoming an ethnological sensation.
000 years of civilization, also offering ethnological and architectural variety.
As Winzeler rightly points out, the indigenous groups in the region under consideration are often much better known in traditional ethnological terms than as minority communities within developing nations; thus, the need to understand how these peoples react to their fast-changing predicaments.