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The following inquiry teases out Hauptmann's participation in Germany's ethnographically infused mindset in the age of Imperialism.
Every conservation and event here narrated is ethnographically factual, yet the book is essentially about the fundamental fantasies and subjective conversions of a generation surrendered to "the passion for the real.
Deborah looker's excellent, ethnographically rich and analytically dense monograph of an Akha village in Northern Thailand took over twenty years to complete.
Wiseman s reading of The Tempest is in some ways reminiscent of classic new historicist, ethnographically inflected analyses of early modern literature.
Rewarding Alarcon for presenting Peru's recent history ethnographically and pedagogically says more about the awarding institutions that legitimate his work than about the real space it occupies within the greater achievements of Latin American or United States literatures.
Skyhawk has reminded readers of the rich Hindu-Muslim heritage and has laid out indisputable facts of a close relationship between Hindus and Muslims, as well as Sufis and yogis in a series of ethnographically detailed articles.
If we return to the introduction by Ladwig and Williams, we find here a welcome piece of ethnographically, theoretically, and doctrinally informed reflection on the diverse themes that emerge from this rich landscape of Buddhist funeral cultures.
of Lisbon, Portugal), this collection is presented as an effort to ethnographically sample experiences of religious pluralism and diversity in different "sites" of southern Europe, including spatial settings such as mosques and churches, spaces and itineraries of religious mobilities, and political arenas of religious contention.
It is unfortunate that this beautifully written and ethnographically rich monograph took so long to be published in English, though it was published in Turkish in 1996.
Six ethnographically rich chapters follow this introduction.
Through ethnographically informed interviews and observations conducted with six Black middle and high school girls, Hip Hop's Li'l Sistas Speak explores how young women navigate the space of Hip Hop music and culture to form ideas concerning race, body, class, inequality, and privilege.
In fact, if one looks at it ethnographically, a bribe is more fundamental than the vote and sadly it has been a form of exchange anthropologist Mauss and Levi Strauss paid little attention to.
The furthest northwards along the New Guinea mainland coast D'Entrecasteaux obsidian has been archaeologically identified to date is Collingwood Bay, which is also the ethnographically documented approximate limit of distribution.
Brown says, would be a worthwhile endeavor if it was done with a historically and ethnographically correct script which fairly addressed the complexties of Plains Indian life in the second half of the 19th century.
Ethnographically rich and detailed, this book foregrounds the human stories, both immigrant and non-immigrant, that often get lost behind polarizing rhetoric about undocumented migration.