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of or relating to ethnography


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Beyond this simple opposition, as many ethnographical literature as well as cultural studies texts have shown, identity of minorities are never unified and can exist only in unstable, debatable form within its vaguely-determined boundaries vis-a-vis the majority.
His interest in psychological problems led Wissler into anthropological research and he conducted field studies among Indian tribes and made extensive ethnographical collections for the Museum.
1 )Based on a recent ethnographical study commissioned by MWV and conducted by Research International.
Some of the students who had taken part in the project, which is part of 'schools in action' section of Pafos2017, accompanied the quilt, along with teachers and parents, to an event held at Paphos ethnographical museum over the weekend.
Through analysis of autobiographical-autoethnographical essays, ethnographical observations, focus groups and in-depth interviews I will address topics connected with self-construction processes in another culture: family of origin and its economic, social and cultural capital; perception of European social and cultural identity and sense of belonging to a Cosmopolitan Generation ; fundamental cultural objects shaping the idea of Italy (South) Finland (North) and Europe in general; interaction with locals and involvement in the host culture; key life passages during students stay abroad.
Ethnographical approaches to Indigenous language allowed for auditory experience beyond either Indigenous political conversion or exclusion as actors from a confessional state.
It combines species accounts of some 150 mollusks found on the central Gulf Coast of MexicoAEs western Sonoran Desert with an ethnographical account of the Seri people.
The ethnographical information that the author provides here presents an insight into the societal values and aspirations that these youth possess and are striving toward with their political activity.
Based on an inter-institutional ethnographical study of indigena development networking, the book provides an analysis of neo liberal approaches, raises questions about the role of globalization in governance, cultural identity, and social movements within the context of development.
The Ethnographical Section of the museum displays the pre-oil history of the country, many aspects of which have completely disappeared, and the exhibition includes a fascinating collection of black and white photographs from the 1960s.
Hence, it might be said, Heinonen's cultural analysis of shame and her definition of a 'wider Ethiopian culture' open up an interesting methodological discussion on the relation between culture and practice, ethnographical analysis and cultural representation.
Assessing the central work of Buxtorf in Casaubon's approach to Hebrew texts, for example, Grafton and Weinberg present a useful discussion of Buxtorf's ethnographical approach to Jewish rites as well as his value for Casaubon.
The book is based on rich ethnographical data and written skilfully, not only revealing socio-cultural structures but also describing the complexity of social tensions in rural Java and the human experiences of those who operate and who are operated on by the structures.
The book is an ethnographical description of a village Kalkatak of Chitral, based on research carried out jointly by the Finnish anthropologist Maarit Liljegren and Fakhruddin Akhunzada, the latter hailing from the village.