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of or relating to ethnography


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It is interesting to find ethnographical information about the location of productions of these chests giving typical characteristics, which helps one to identify them topologically.
She combines deep knowledge of cutting-edge feminist, Marxist, and ethnographical theory with an appreciation for events on the ground during that tumultuous time.
Aside from the laundry room with rugs, the only other photograph not of an ethnographical museum shows a bank in central Zurich.
Since the use of ostrich eggshell water containers are well documented in historical and ethnographical sources the idea was that the dates would reflect the use of the well.
Francoise Lionnet presents a view similar to mine; for her, Dust Tracks defines "one's subjective ethnicity as mediated through language, history, and ethnographical analysis" (99).
Let us hope that he too will open out still further in his next study, for the best way to convince readers of the value of his method is to reinterpret music history from an ethnographical or Foucauldian point of view.
In 1901 the head of the museum, eminent anthropologist (and formerly zoologist) Professor Baldwin Spencer wrote Australia's first ethnographic exhibition catalogue: Guide to the Australian Ethnographical Collection in the National Museum of Victoria.
This collection of short ethnographical essays by Japanese anthropologists is based on research conducted over a two year period from 1995 to 1996.
There follows an ethnographical part which examines differences between the rural economy and pastoral landscape, considering forms of mobility and sedentarism, and specifically forms of the Sardinian pastoral economy and its organisation.
Agate and carnelian were widely fashioned into beads and other ornaments, and as ethnographical researches have demonstrated, adornment is one of the best indicators of cultural identity inside a group or between social groups (Wobst 1977).
To complete the picture analogies often have to be drawn with historical, ethnographical and anthropological data, and even then a completely clear picture may not be available.
Ethnographical accounts suggest that the chiefs and/or the shamans of a community were the only people privileged to have access to it.
His course of lectures on the history of Russia had a vast introduction based on archaeological and ethnographical data.
He conducted the Yupno tests after twenty months of field research, and by that time he had assembled a body of ethnographical data which could provide a frame for the test situation.
Obligatory for all students of HKM were the monthly training camps, an archaeological camp after the first year of study, and an ethnographical one after the second year.