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Procured the service of ensuring online access to electronic information source Ethnographic Video Online Volume I and Volume II for the period from 01/01/2016 to 12/31/2018.
Explaining the concept of an ' ethnographic' village, Drabu said it shall portray the complete historical and ethnographic characteristics of an ethnic group.
Using available ethnography (not necessarily relevant in all cases), the authors find links between their interpretations of the images at sites which are often located near water and ethnographic correlates suggesting continuity with ancient beliefs and practices.
Here his phenomenological perspective leads him to explore subjectivity at a depth beyond any pursued in previous ethnographic work in Yap.
Little Town of Bethlehem was produced by EthnoGraphic Media (EGM), an educational non-profit organization exploring the critical issues of our time.
Scholars came together to discuss the absence of critical discussions of women's foies in ethnographic studies of male-centred ritual in Papua New Guinea.
This article discusses the use of ethnographic interviews as a resource for developing intercultural understanding by students of French.
Some chapters are more theoretically focused while others use ethnographic research to demonstrate how practice theory is applied.
Ranolf and Amohia, I suggest, should be seen as a kind of ethnographic text.
Takhoma: Ethnography Of Mount Rainier National Park is a scholarly compilation and record of the archaeological past and ethnographic study of Mount Rainier, also known as "Takhoma".
While they're [exploring SecondLife], they're also learning valuable lessons about community, identity, and ethnographic research and writing a ton
This is an anthropological ethnographic study of the long-term effects of nuclear weapons development at Los Alamos.
Examples from two ethnographic studies illustrate how reflection is essential in order to perceive the truth of others.
Maultsby for a college-level introduction perfect for classroom text use or library reference, you can't go wrong with African American Music: An Introduction--it gathers thirty essays by leading scholars to survey major Afro-American musical genres both sacred and secular over the extent of American history, uses studies from both ethnographic fieldwork and recordings, and adds biography, photos and illustrations, and references which bring the scholarly focus to life.
To provide more detailed insights into the effects of this type of employment, the epidemiulogic analyses are supplemented by ethnographic interviews.