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an anthropologist who does ethnography

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The book describes her achievements as an anthropologist and ethnographer in the Nordic countries, noting that she was an early practitioner of participant observation in the field of anthropology.
By pairing Chamoiseau with Ina Cesaire, his compatriot trained as an ethnographer and folklorist, Kullberg presents a quasi-reversibility between the fiction writer and the ethnographer.
They also provide insight into the development of an important ethnographer as well as the evolution of the field over several decades.
The event was organized by her close friends, scientists, art historians, and ethnographers.
Dubler, a self-identified secular Jew, plays a precarious role (and to ethnographers, a familiar role) as the outsider who is allowed to participate in "native" culture but who is never fully accepted into the group.
Hawking is, it would lead us to a discussion of several interconnected topics: about the place of the ethnographer in this book as well as the relations of power implied in it and, more generally, about the (innovative) methods of this ethnography.
Beyond Boundaries, the theme of the biannual scholars' conference of the American Jewish Historical Society, was an occasion for ethnographers to reflect upon the ways in which our scholarship on American Jews and Judaism has been shaped by the academic field of Jewish history.
ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan said in an interview to Business Express newspaper.
But these relationships are ones in which the outsider goes into the community, and, as in other ethnographic research, there are often tensions between the ethnographer and the subjects.
I argue that the role of the specific participant, the community manager, and that of the ethnographer are mutually beneficial while being exigent - that is, there are advantages to be gained from engagement in both roles, requiring navigation through the challenges that can also impede cooperation.
Cadiot provides a useful account of the new public role of ethnographers, often as advocates for the peoples they studied, and the struggle between proponents of a universal science devoted to the study of mankind as a whole and supporters of a more limited vision centered around the study of ethnos--a term introduced during this period by the Ukrainian ethnographer N.
99 WHEN the French ethnographer Francois Bizot was studying the s history of the Buddhist religion in the Cambodian countryside, death came close to claiming him.
This includes instructions for writing up fieldnotes from mental and jotted notes, as well as narrative writing strategies, including description, dialogue, and characterization that enable an ethnographer to accurately construct detailed accounts of social worlds based on their own unique observations and experiences.
Section 1 deals with 'Key concepts and theoretical frameworks', the first obstacle for a budding ethnographer, who has to ipsofacto define his or her ethnographic field and pertinent theories without having a real sense of what the project will turn out to be.
It begins by providing a biographical sketch of Covello and then explores his professional and personal philosophy and the way that these played out in his roles as educational and community leader, sociopolitical activist, and community ethnographer.