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an anthropologist who does ethnography

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The event was organized by her close friends, scientists, art historians, and ethnographers.
In this regard it is good to point Out that Father Schmidt, the first ethnographer of the Murik, described some of their ritual sexual practices in Latin.
We are fortunate that the participants in the conference roundtable, Ethnographers and History, created a written version of their discussion to share with AJH readers.
Colonial ethnographers took Maori sacred stories and philosophies and rewrote them, erasing any language of female power and inserting a patriarchal language.
In 1966, Seattle-area ethnographer Martin Koenig made the first of six trips to Bulgaria to study folk dance and music there.
Still, his discussion is so interesting, and so carefully grounded, that it is a model for not only aestheticians but also ethnographers.
Moreover, the consideration of the different stages of post-fieldwork processes provides the budding ethnographer with a strategy to follow after the hectic experience of fieldwork.
Also, he was hoping that the many activities of the ethnographer - collecting, labelling, classifying, informing, etc.
For Kenneth Lister, the door to a ROM art storeroom would prove to be a portal to a world that would intrigue, enchant, and some might say obsess the intrepid ethnographer for decades to come.
As missionary of Idayangudi and bishop of Tirunelveli, Caldwell became a renowned ethnographer, historian, linguist, philologist, and sociologist.
As a liminal space in which Gorale "chose to exploit their identity in order to earn a living" (213), the restaurant setting offers Cooley an opportunity to reflect on his own shifting experiences as tourist, ethnographer, guest, friend, musician, dancer, local and outsider.
The ethnographer must "sort out [of] structures of signification" (9) by systematizing her interpretations of her informants' interpretations.
Relying heavily on his own position as an ethnographer and musician, Timothy J.
At night, with the anthropologist's tape recorder in hand, she became her own ethnographer, inventing informants, interviewing herself, and answering in distinct voices.
This first English translation of one of the defining imaginative works by ethnographer Lydia Cabrera (1899-1991) sheds new light on the multiple currents that informed Io real maravilloso, or the "marvelous reality" literary tradition in Spanish American letters.