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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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Finally, a fifth element has to do with the typical ethnocentricity of the approaches of IHRM.
The relevance of ethnocentricity becomes a critical issue when one considers the increasing trend toward free trade and the high pace at which national economies are turning global.
While every ethnic group keeps its ethnocentricity and should be proud of its traditions, it is important to make sure that those things that unite us as a country are inculcated.
He begins by describing the general issue of the social construction of deviance in relation to such issues as egocentricity, ethnocentricity, culture, norms, and ideologies.
The code allows much greater order and organization capable of defeating warrior cultures and ushered in civilization, division of labor, great works of art and architecture, and also great ethnocentricity to any outside the "correct" way of living.
Their task is to nurture the departure from historicism and ethnocentricity to a constructive dialogue that would propose the guiding principles of this long-duration process.
When domestic growth opportunities increase, banks favor domestic growth over foreign growth as because of costs stemming from the liability of foreignness related with consumer ethnocentricity, unfamiliarity with trade law, different consumer taste and crosscultural communication, foreign profitability tends to be lower than domestic.
But) I have a problem with too much ethnocentricity, and I would like to see people mix groups more than we have in this generation.
Ethnocentricity, as defined by Ball, McCulloch, Frantz, Geringer, and Minor (2003) is "the belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group--societies consider their culture superior to all others" (p.
She notes: "There is a slow emergence of ethnocentricity as they [the immigrant Indians in The Wedding ] settle in the new land.
Ethnocentricity and nationalism (both Russian and non-Russian), however, was thriving in Russia and the Russian nationalists clearly nurtured a goal of reshaping the dynastic state into a nation state.
So, characteristic of his unabashed ethnocentricity, Rorty promotes a 'Western liberal picture of a global democratic utopia [which] is that of a planet on which all members of the species are concerned about the fates of all the other members'.
The political ethnocentricity of the Japanese was also noted in another study of district and precinct voting patterns between 1949 and 1959 (Lujan, 1960).
Whatever one might say about the ethnocentricity of some of the School Journal's content, or the stylized and romantic depiction of the Maori people, it cannot be said that it screened out the local.
The power of dub poetry as a social and political medium of communal self expression was quickly vindicated when, a few months later, the poetic impulse stirred the ground from within and members of the League, using the charge of ethnocentricity, made the claim for change, with the result that Dc Dub Poets were formally offered membership by the League.