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belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group

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THE DISUNITING OF AMERICA, 40-41 (1991) (noting that multiculturalism is a reaction to Eurocentrism, but can also become ethnocentric itself, which "do[es] not bode well .
These essays succeed in revealing the ethnocentric biases inherent in the ways aboriginal and treaty rights have been framed.
Ethnocentric behavior has been widely used to explain human behavior within and among diverse cultures.
From Paris to London to New York critics applauded the magical realist style which, writes Gerald Martin in Travesias por el laberinto, allowed readers "both to enjoy the voluptuous delights of barbaric Otherness whilst satisfying the inherent sense of cultural superiority and ethnocentric attitudes that go with an ex-colonial mentality.
Rogers, Professor of Islamic Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, the Khalili collection "has been formed with a far more systematic and historical approach and with a far less ethnocentric view" than earlier, classical collections of Islamic art which were mostly gathered in the period before the First World War.
Considering that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnic population in our country, Americans can no longer afford to be ethnocentric within their own borders.
Clearly, the ethnocentric approach to management is not the best suited to the global marketplace, and, gradually, as companies in all countries realize that it does not yield success, it will be abandoned in favor of a more multinational approach.
Recommendations that advise against parent-infant bed-sharing and support the generic use of pacifiers imply a "truly astounding triumph of ethnocentric assumptions over common sense and medical research," according to Nancy Wight, M.
Individual topics include rearranging the "nation-state" and multi-level governance, impacts of human security and social policy (north and south), the transformation of social welfare in Austria and Japan as well as Eastern Europe, defining comparative social policy, the ethnocentric construction of the welfare state, gender equality, class equality, structured diversity, social policy in the developing world, crossing cultural boundaries, and quantitative methods of research.
Israel's ethnocentric, racist view of non-Jews is not limited to Palestinians.
We will need many years to forget the civil concept because the ethnocentric and nationalistic rhetoric during the campaign crossed the limits of tolerance," Hani added.
These facts highlight the necessity of decoupling such ethnocentric lobbying from electoral politics to protect national interests and to save taxpayer dollars from funding America's adversaries.
Part 3 adds a fascinating angle to missionary history: nationalist and totalitarian attempts to discredit and discard Christian heritage in favor of nationalist, or "muscular," ethnocentric rearticulations.
We can't entirely blame the church for thinking in such ethnocentric, supremacist ways.
The label ethnocentric derives from the fact that the management is based on strictly one nation's set of criteria, that is, the country of origin of the corporation.