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Synonyms for ethnic

Synonyms for ethnic

a person who is a member of an ethnic group

denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people

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not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

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Stats on market revenues and growth trends derive from all available data on the ethnic HBC marketplace, be they quantitative or qualitative; that is, a broad range of societal and economic trends are factored in, to help shape the most accurate possible view of sales progress.
Analysis of consumers' purchase and use of ethnic HBC is based on quarterly surveys by Experian Simmons (formerly Simmons Market Research Bureau, Inc.
With Ethnic Hair, Beauty and Cosmetics Products in the U.
If your company is already an established player in ethnic HBC, this report is bound to freshen and strengthen your marketing plan.
The whole team -- brand managers, research and development pros, ad agencies and media departments, database managers and librarians, venture capitalists, new business specialists -- all are unified by the cutting-edge analysis in Ethnic Hair, Beauty and Cosmetics Products in the U.
Three Main Ethnic HBC Categories: Haircare, Makeup, Skincare
Ethnic HBC Sales Can Grow Even Faster Than Ethnic Population
Spotlighting Five Notable New Ethnic Haircare Products
In any case, ethnic identity, whatever its forms, does not have its roots in unchanging race or immutable tradition, and is inseparable from change and its historical and literary invention.
Kazal pays special attention to Philadelpia's diverse German neighborhoods, which are characterized by different ethnic densities, religious, class and generational concentrations, and group interactions.
German leadership lost its message and audience as hyphenated Americans were no longer welcome in the nation of hundred-percent loyalty: "What began as a suspicion of German Philadelphians as potential spies and saboteurs," Kazal commented, "mushroomed into an assault on any German ethnic expression,"--and this assault spread from east coast to west, from city to town and village throughout the nation.
From Paesani to White Ethnics provides a revised framework for understanding the development of ethnic consciousness, its periodization, and its local and international dimensions.
Despite its wide scope, the study's analytical framework is limiting because it relies so heavily on the voices of leaders to explain the transformation of an entire community's ethnic consciousness.
Luconi argues that the prominenti, ethnic leaders, of this generation had the greatest impact on forging, what he terms, "Italianness" and, later Italian-American consciousness.
Because the 1965 immigration reform legislation so changed the ethnic composition of the majority of newcomers, the tendency has been to focus exclusively on these primarily Latin American, Asian and Caribbean flows while the experience of new waves of "old" immigrant groups, such as the Italians, Portuguese and Greeks, are typically overlooked.