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Synonyms for ethnic

Synonyms for ethnic

a person who is a member of an ethnic group

denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people

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not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam

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Since Bulgaria's breaking out of the Ottoman Empire in the end of the 19th century Bulgaria's ethnically Turkish population has seen a history of persecution and forced assimilation attempts that are rarely discussed.
The ethnically and religiously mixed province north of Baghdad has emerged as the most violent part of Iraq, as the rest of the country has become more stable over the past year.
The success of the Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds has proven that investing in ethnically diverse markets can not only generate strong financial returns, but also benefit local communities and facilitate a positive environmental impact," said Bobby Turner, the fund's managing partner.
Numerous programs have been developed to provide assistance to ethnically diverse students experiencing academic difficulties, yet few programs have focused on identifying and providing appropriately high level instruction for ethnically diverse children who are gifted.
The psychologists found that the more ethnically diverse classrooms are, students--especially African-Americans and Latinos--have a higher self-worth.
The supporting actress category is also ethnically diverse, with African-American actress Jennifer Hudson up for ``Dreamgirls,'' Mexican actress Adriana Barraza nominated for supporting actress in ``Babel,'' and Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi nominated for the same film.
The odd thing about comparing the two Koreas is that the Koreans themselves are among the most ethnically homogeneous people on earth, and they lived, until less than a hundred years ago, in one of the world's oldest unified nations, which had endured for 1,300 years.
95): it narrows the focus to whites have have been fascinated with the performances and styles of Afro-Americans over the centuries, and provides chapters of social history and music culture which argues that no form of American music is ethnically pure, but represents variations and changes on the musical competition between blacks and whites in this country.
Jen Liu's Soldiers of Light, 2005, is a head-on, single-shot video projection of eleven young, ethnically diverse men and women, varied in their personal grooming from beards and ponytails to shaved heads and in style from casual and baggy to tight and tailored.
a perfect example of how the UK has successfully absorbed some of the musical traditions of its ethnically diverse population.
This cross-sectional study surveyed a population of 689 ethnically diverse women: Forty-two percent were black, 31% Puerto Rican, 17% Dominican and 10% white.
The canceled performance ravaged the 24-year-old company financially, but desire and ingenuity enabled Monte and her eight ethnically diverse dancers to endure.
Everyone on their small street, including the children, is treated more or less as outcasts socially or ethnically and boarding the school bus is traumatic every day.
Laugh Whore is Mario Cantone's bid to certify himself as the gay Italian version of John Leguizamo or Margaret Cho--in other words, a hyperactive, nothing-sacred, ethnically insouciant stand-up comic who's willing to put the scream back into "screaming queen.
Yorktown Child and Family Centre, is a mental health agency operating in one of Toronto's most ethnically diverse communities.