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denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people

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However, many times it is difficult to found a direct connection between the ethnical violence or other violations of human rights and specific cases of individual families' migration.
Nineteen chapters are divided into four parts: business: its legal, ethnical, and judicial environment; business: its regulatory environment; the legal environment of business relations; the legal environment of business operations.
7 billion with huge natural resources should be considered with prime importance, Rafsanjani said on Monday, adding that Muslims with reliance on such capabilities should have the final say in all regional and international affairs but unfortunately their ethnical and religious rifts have prevented them to attain the goal.
This story is good for sparking discussions about psychological recovery after a disaster, economic inequality, the value of education, race relations, resentment, and ethnical mores.
If ethnical behavior were rewarded, that behavior would be encouraged.
Davutoy-lu went on to say that Crime will be a role model when groups from different ethnical and cultural identity and religious backgrounds live side-by-side in a peaceful and mutual respect and Turkey will continue its efforts on that issue.
The sixteen essays work independently on aspects of ensemble performance, including ethics and processes of ensemble performance in the Russian theater; snapshots of Meyerhold's ensemble theater; a Chekov ensemble; Copeau, Saint-Denis and Lecoq; Brecht and the Berliner ensemble; an ethnical collaboration; a psychophysical approach; freedom and constraints.
4, Sadr said that Iraq is subjected to a hostile attack forcing it toward sectarian and ethnical strive to destroy its national and social fabric, as well as to divide Iraq.
It applies moral reasoning to world scenarios, discussing near-term future challenges and how philosophy can apply to change and ethnical considerations, and offering plenty of perspectives on how applied philosophy can create a better world.
Whoever speaks a sectarian or ethnical language betrays Syria and the nation," Omran Zoabi told a ceremony held today to celebrate the 50th anniversary foundation of al-Thawra newspaper.
Those who have attempted to and still try to interpret this movement and label it as an ethnical, sectarian or ideological movement are traitors to the national interest of this land and further paves way for the enemy of our beloved country.
Costco differentiates the product further by telling the clusters' "story" on the back of the bag - including their part in the retailer's commitment to "a more ethnical and sustainable cocoa supply.
ethnical grounds and were accompanied by violence, robberies, murders, arsons and property destruction.
We strongly condemn this heinous terrorist act aiming at destroying the already fragile atmosphere of trust in Kirkuk and causing an ethnical clash; we expect the perpetrators to be caught and brought to justice as soon as possible," Spokesperson Selcuk Unal said in his statement.
The right-wing extremist, however, thought there was another side to the story, saying 'shame they neglect the trauma of gradually being robbed of one's ethnical culture, one's religion and one's people without being able to stop it.