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When Hagan tells him that he is Irish/German, Wolz spews another array of ethnic slurs.
Due to the inclusion of an ethnic slur targeted at Blacks, a main effect for ethnicity was not expected.
It prompted some discussion on the origins of 'wop' as an ethnic slur.
I wonder when it was that the adjective "pared-down," a term considered to have positive connotations in the writing of modern and post-modern poetry, was made over into an ethnic slur.
This brazenly cruel caricature is a highly offensive and insulting ethnic slur that should have no place in the pages of a Florida Bar publication.
3) Because the books of Samuel tell the story of David "warts and all," we are not surprised to find David, the hero of faith and military hero, also using an ethnic slur about the uncircumcised Philistines.
We are probably going to post a question today on the Bustamante ethnic slur about when in news coverage should you use the 'N-word' or not.
He said the program had aired, out of context, a rabbi's statements about the anti-Semitic views of certain radical Ukrainian groups, mistranslated a term for "Jew" as the ethnic slur "kike" and refused the help of a professor of Ukrainian history who offered to give perspective.
The final three words, which some readers might interpret as an ethnic slur against the Irish should never have appeared.
To lump the two together, and all other forms of violence in the Arab World, as Makiya does, and then say they are evidence of an Arab lack of sensitivity to issues pertaining to human rights, not only misses the point, but also--perhaps unconsciously--borders on becoming an ethnic slur.
The ethnic slur is at times used against them even though they have been living for generations in Saudi Arabia and have been given rights as full Saudi citizens.
The word is widely considered an ethnic slur and generally refers to those from Mexico who come to the United States illegally by crossing the Rio Grande River, the report said.
I'll ignore the ethnic slur as being beneath my dignity to even respond to.
Usually, it's a road rage incident and someone yells an ethnic slur,'' Cook said.
From politically connected lobbying behemoths to one-man shoestring operations using a Kinko's fax machine, the United States hosts a Mad Monster Party of advocacy groups dedicated to rebutting every real and imagined racial or ethnic slur.