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We applaud the Trademark Office for its decision and welcome the fact that a professional football team will no longer be able to make money by marketing an ethnic slur," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad .
The final three words, which some readers might interpret as an ethnic slur against the Irish should never have appeared.
To lump the two together, and all other forms of violence in the Arab World, as Makiya does, and then say they are evidence of an Arab lack of sensitivity to issues pertaining to human rights, not only misses the point, but also--perhaps unconsciously--borders on becoming an ethnic slur.
According to Reuters, after reporters registered evident surprise at his use of an ethnic slur, Marchionne turned to one of them and asked, "Why are you surprised?
he food server whose name appeared on the receipt has been cleared after a hostess stepped forward and admitted that she had penned the ethnic slur, lawyer for the restaurant Edward McCabe said.
Usually, it's a road rage incident and someone yells an ethnic slur,'' Cook said.
From politically connected lobbying behemoths to one-man shoestring operations using a Kinko's fax machine, the United States hosts a Mad Monster Party of advocacy groups dedicated to rebutting every real and imagined racial or ethnic slur.
The White House later in the day issued an apology on behalf of Bush for his use of the word ''Pakis,'' which is used as an ethnic slur in Britain toward Pakistani immigrants.
THE Queen used an ethnic slur in describing the hair of the premier of Papua New Guinea as "fuzzy-wuzzy", top travel writer Paul Theroux claims.
Prugh said that Aviv had called her an ethnic slur while she was holding her adopted black children.
In India, aACAychinki' is an ethnic slur for people with Mongoloid features in general, including people from Northeast India and Nepal, who are often mistaken as Chinese.
Haley is the first Republican woman picked for the post bypassing all allegations of marital infidelity and an ethnic slur against her during her election campaign.
Eric Mazmanyan, who receives Charter's cable services at his home, alleges the company mailed him two bills in June and July and a promotional mailer in September that changed his last name to spell out a death threat and ethnic slur.
Polydores, who is white, used an ethnic slur while indicating that she appeared Hispanic to him, then made a lewd comment, according to Ms.
If accompanied by an ethnic slur, the offense would become a hate crime.