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the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community

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There is a lack of pre-service teachers' education and in-service teachers' professional development; insufficient school funding to support ethnic music education; not enough time spent on ethnic music learning; and shortages of ethnic musical instruments, recordings, and specialists (Chen, 2013; Fan, 2004; Huan, 2002; S.
Flores landed on the third place; while the traditional Mongolian ethnic music group, Khusugtun, was the second placer.
Next week we have the Kirklees College Celebrating Diversity Week with lots of ethnic music, dance and food.
The main goal is to organize cultural caravan around Lake Issyk-Kul to interact with local community members, to promote fine and applied arts, ethnic music, national games during tourist season.
The area is vibrant all week but on a Sunday it comes alive with traders, street entertainers and ethnic music.
Wuhan Conservatory library, Xi'an Conservatory Library (348,000 items in music holdings (4)), and Shenyang Conservatory Library(more than 200,000 items and a Chinese traditional and ethnic music instrument museum (5)) have their respective ancient and rare book collections on traditional Chinese music and music philosophy as well as many music related archeological discoveries spanning the time from 17th century BC to the present.
Since its inception, the troupe has been actively committed towards reviving traditional art forms, folklore and ethnic music and has acknowledged the cultural significance of the traditional knowledge system of the indigenous tribes of Kerala.
For this release, all keyboards and synthesizers have been silenced, so the integration of traditional ethnic music & modern jazz-rock fusion influences is spearheaded by his bass guitars on the thirteen original tracks, featuring a fifteen-minute trilogy based on the triune aspect, and four duets sans percussion.
The programmes include concerts, ethnic music of all nations and story-telling of folklore literature.
The Venezuelan musicians will introduce their ethnic music through playing special instruments.
Yanni, known for adding ethnic music elements to his jazz and soft rock compositions, will play some of his well-known compositions from the 90s as well from his latest album Truth of Touch.
Yet the uneven, incomplete, in some cases bifurcated contributions on ethnic music pale in comparison, for instance, to Wilson-Dickson's coverage of the Christian music of Africa.
Speaking on the influence of classical music in Hollywood, Menon said: " There is great interest in ethnic music in Hollywood, be it folk songs of Europe, original music from South East Asia or Indian classical music.
Savor the traditional dishes of the Cantonese Cuisine with soft lighting, ethnic music and festive ambiance.
Since its creation, the orchestra has grown to comprise 50 American musicians specialising in world and ethnic music from cultures of the Arab World, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Greece, and others in addition to Western classical music.
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