ethnic music

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the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community

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She readily admits, though, that Perry is the more driven member of the duo in pursuing the ethnic music that have made Dead Can Dance so hard to characterize.
But altogether, Greene's thorough work represents a major advance in the history of ethnic music in America.
Klezmer's recent resurgence owes less to any kind of religious revival than to a greater popular interest in world beat, acoustic and ethnic music of all kinds, he believes.
The 14-year-old will join 14 other California students in the three-week tour to study government, economy and culture Down Under and visit historical sites and enjoy ethnic music and dance.
The Grove Dictionary of American Music suggests that Monk sounds ``as if she might be singing ethnic music from a culture she invented herself.
Glasser draws on issues and questions about ethnic identity and authenticity of ethnic cultural expressions that arose out of her previous work with an ethnic music festival.
The event will include live ethnic music by David Helfand, Rob Tobias, Rich Glauber and Emily Fox, along with crafts, traditional foods (including 1,000 latkes), games and hands-on activities for children.
Music: From Elgar and his contemporaries to the CBSO, jazz and diverse ethnic music.
During the past week, the Antelope Valley Movement Arts Foundation sponsored free traditional dance performances and lecture demonstrations centering around the multicultural experience of ethnic music groups.
The guide includes a few performers of art music - the flute/guitar dno Musica Femina, the Tnrtle Creek Chorale, and the Windy City Gay Chorus - and ethnic music - the women's octet Libaria, Laura Wetzler, and Elliot Pilshaw.
Lauderdale, Florida, to place BMTV's 24-hour black and ethnic music video programming on cable systems nationwide.
The book launch was held at The CBSO Centre in Berkley Street, where Sir David heard pupils who are currently at the school perform ethnic music.
I was looking for a place to hear some ethnic music, and some fellow approached me on the street," Weiss said.
Plans are also underway for an open-air concert series featuring classical, light jazz, New Age and ethnic music, beginning in mid-May.
GLENDALE - An estimated 1,500 Glendale High School students came together Tuesday to commemorate the Armenian Genocide with an assembly that featured speeches, ethnic music and dances.
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