ethnic minority

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a group that has different national or cultural traditions from the majority of the population

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THE Church of England has voted to tackle claims of a "pale, male and stale" leadership with a new campaign to recruit more ethnic minority people.
It suggests that white pupils may become "threatened" as ethnic minority children gain the knowledge and skills they need to be fully part of the society they are living in.
We help ensure people from ethnic minority communities both engage with and receive a better level of care within mental health services in Newcastle.
From our research 25 per cent of the Birmingham business community is ethnic minority - that's massive and it's growing.
Ethnic minorities worker Patrick Yu said: "Over the last eight years the police have improved recruitment from ethnic minority communities in particular and I am pleased to see they are progressing.
Workers from ethnic minority backgrounds were not gaining the share of jobs their population would justify and the gap between the total ethnic minority population and those in management positions was greater, Business in the Community said.
BE'S corporate diversity survey focused primarily on activities related to the participation of African Americans and members of other ethnic minority groups.
The new fund is more than 30 times the size of the funds previously available to boost ethnic minority employment.
But Mr Vaz says: "It is time to allow parties the power to create ethnic minority shortlists for candidacies.
Many personal discussions and interviews, documents, studies, and scientific sources are brought together, in order to analyze the role of ethnic minority media for the constitution of the public sphere.
A workshop was presented to undergraduates as a collection of ethnic minority voices, which provided students an opportunity to participate in an ethnic minority focused event that encouraged mentoring relationships and created opportunities for the sharing of advice between ethnic minority undergraduate and graduate students.
The gap between annual earnings of ethnic minority television writers ($72,325) and their white male counterparts ($90,041) has grown to nearly $18,000.
6% of the borough council's social care workforce are from the black or ethnic minority community, compared with 4% in the town's working population.
Inspector Dinesh Joshi, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: 'Increasing the number of black and ethnic minority police officers will be a positive move because many will understand the language and culture within certain sections of society.
NIH) "Epidemiological Studies of CAM in Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations: Project Concept Review.
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