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a joke at the expense of some ethnic group

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In most cases, ethnic jokes are hinted, and since the listeners have already inculcated the stereotypes, they decode the intended message, and laugh.
Ralphie doesn't shy away from touchy topics or ethnic jokes, nor does he bite his tongue when society suggests, because he sincerely believes that as long as what he's saying is true, people need to hear it.
If you are blond woman or from an ethnic group chances are you don't enjoy blond jokes or ethnic jokes.
Apart from ethnic jokes, Jobrani's show also includes common comedic themes such as clueless parents and his newborn son learning to breast feed -- but from a different point of view.
These include the three men Englishman, Irishman Scotsman type and ethnic jokes," said Prof Beard.
Lafky said taxpayers should be concerned about an agency where, he alleged, supervisors have told ethnic jokes at mandatory meetings; a co-worker referred to a Hispanic client as Parra's "boyfriend"; and several female employees refer to themselves as "vicious bitches.
Christie Davies, a sociologist from Reading University who has probably collected more ethnic jokes than any other living person, offered an interesting hypothesis about the large number of ethnic jokes in the United States.
From learning how to be the host with the most to dealing with ethnic jokes, social cliques and dating protocol, this book also provides some historical background on manners.
District Judge commenting on testimony in which a former chairman of the UA Board of Trustees and a current board member admitted that they use the word "nigger" and tell racial and ethnic jokes.
The scenarios are plausible and well chosen: a manager requesting sexual favors in exchange for a favorable performance review, same sex harassment, an employee being harassed by a vendor, managers failing to respond appropriately to reports of harassing behavior, and an employee subjected to ethnic jokes.
Ethnic jokes seemed to insult other races, and perhaps, under a light dusting of laughter, that might be their point
Examples of verbal humour involve derision and include ethnic jokes and "put-downs".
As a legal matter, harassment is considered a form of discrimination, which means that in Cleveland from now on those off-color cartoons and ethnic jokes are going to be possible grist for the prosecutor, and plaintiffs lawyers will be using threats of referral to the district attorney as a club in settlement demands.
Unfortunately, in urban Russia today the primitive Chukchi are often a favorite topic for ethnic jokes.
There were ethnic jokes about Italians that I recall with acute embarrassment.
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