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For the cross-sectional study of risk factors for OAG, the researchers considered socio-demographic (age, gender, ethnic group, literacy and place of residence); biophysical (presence of hypertension, severity of hypertension, systolic blood pressure [SBP], diastolic blood pressure [DBP], and body mass index [BMI]); as well as ocular (eye) factors such as intraocular pressure (IOP).
A third of white working class girls achieve five good GCSEs, meaning they are the worst performing main female ethnic group.
In terms of employed people, the relative share of the working pour is highest for the Turkish ethnic group a 26.
The perception that the President favors members of his own ethnic group or extended family goes beyond the cabinet to include the people that he appoints as diplomats, judges, heads of commissions, senior universities administrators.
Each ethnic group will gladly show their culture," says Abdulkhalikov.
However, unfortunately, Albanians are not a constitutive ethnic group because by now they would have made the Albanian language official and promoted their constitutional status.
Subpassionarity members often play an important role in ethnic group fate, performing conquests and coups with passionarity members.
Conclusion: Breast-feeding rate in Turkman ethnic group is more common than non-Turkman ethnic group.
Poverty has a much bigger impact on the educational performance of white British pupils than on any other ethnic group, according to studies.
Nepal's Maoists have pushed the idea of dividing Nepal, a country with 103 ethnic groups, into autonomous states based on ethnicity.
Will there always be a majority of the concerned ethnic group in the provincial assembly named after the ethnic group?
For a particular ethnic group its culture is very important.
Since 1991 a growing share of the New Zealand population has reported more than one ethnic group in the census, with rates especially high among children.
When asked which ethnic group was most important to their business, 65% said Hispanics, 30% said African-Americans and 24% said Asians, who are the most affluent ethnic group in the United States.
For example, each ethnic group thinks that most of the violence they see on TV is perpetrated by the other ethnic group.
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