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The House of Lords has already ruled that Sikhs are a distinct ethnic group on the grounds they have a distinct language - Punjabi - and distinct literature, history and geographical origin.
This PA specifically addresses the need to better understand how adverse societal, behavioral, and environmental conditions alter gene expression and interact with diverse genetic backgrounds to increase a woman's susceptibility for premature birth in high-risk racial and ethnic groups in the United States.
Even to whites who were Christians in early America--which were not very many--the identity of blacks as one people, Africans, regardless of ethnic group membership, meant far more than an interracially shared experience of being Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian, and so forth.
Hajari writes ironically that Albanians are not only constitutive ethnic group but more than that- they are owners of Macedonia.
WALES' ETHNIC POPULATION Between mid-2001 to mid-2007, the percentage of people in Wales from minority ethnic groups increased from 2.
In each racial or ethnic group, women who had chronic diabetes had elevated odds of a first cesarean delivery relative to their nondiabetic counterparts; odds were least elevated among Asian women (odds ratio, 2.
Finally, he demonstrates the importance of studying this social phenomenon at the local level, since vigilantism and lynching could vary tremendously from one place to another and from time to time even in regions dominated by similar ethnic groups that shared common cultural backgrounds.
For this sample of adolescents, spiritual wellness was not related to perceptions of belonging to the majority culture and their ethnic group.
The Amen can Heritage Dictionary defines genocide as "the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group.
Many nontimber forest workers of every ethnic group prefer to work in the forest, even if other employment is available.
A man from Burma's Karen ethnic group sits cross-legged on the floor of the small thatched hut he shares with eight others in the Mae La refugee camp in Thailand.
The term "exclusivity" will be used here to describe a situation which exists when a librarian or an educator faces a group of young people who are all from one particular racial or ethnic group.
Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group, and they also have the highest household income.
Isajiw advances the notion that "ethnic identity can be conceived as a social-psychological phenomenon that derives from membership in an ethnic group .
no other ethnic group is eligible for an array of services comparable to
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