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the ruler of a province (as in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire) or certain religious rulers with secular authority

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Soon after, the Ethnarchy , hypnotised by religious dogmatism and rightwing extremism, turned down Harding's proposals in 1956 as short term, restrictive and humiliating compared to 'all' other countries granted independence.
Therefore, we are obliged to recommend that no secret should be confided to him either by the Ethnarchy or by the Greek Consulate.
I have already written in the past about the amateurishly ill-advised actions of the Papagos government and the naive patriotic romanticism of the Cyprus ethnarchy.
He is the son of an Ethnarchy councillor who is himself now in detention.
The organizer of the "Ayios Georghios" gun-running venture was Sokratis Loizides, brother of the Ethnarchy Councillor Savvas Loizides who frequently has acted as the Archbishop's spokesman in Athens.