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the ruler of a province (as in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire) or certain religious rulers with secular authority

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In the same way that a bounder does not consider the consequences of his actions, the Ethnarchy never took into account the possible consequences of the fight for enosis, which reached its peak with Eoka's armed struggle.
Starting with the armed struggle for enosis, had it ever crossed the mind of our leadership -- the Ethnarchy -- what the consequences for the people would have been if Eoka had been defeated?
He is the son of an Ethnarchy councillor who is himself now in detention.
The Ethnarchy (the Church) and the 'nationalist faction' (one of the two political camps before independence) which hatched and nurtured EOKA never had a vision of establishing a Cyprus republic.
It is known that in 1956, and particularly after the arrival here of young men connected with terrorism in Cyprus, several meetings were held at the offices of the Ethnarchy, 21 Fitzroy Square, London to considerwhether it would be advisable or desirable to start terrorist activities in this country with a view to helping the Cypriot national struggle.
Soon after, the Ethnarchy , hypnotised by religious dogmatism and rightwing extremism, turned down Harding's proposals in 1956 as short term, restrictive and humiliating compared to 'all' other countries granted independence.
I have already written in the past about the amateurishly ill-advised actions of the Papagos government and the naive patriotic romanticism of the Cyprus ethnarchy.