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the ruler of a province (as in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire) or certain religious rulers with secular authority

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While Salway eschews technical terms, it is unwise to venture into Millar's book without knowing at least the difference between an ethnarch and a tetrach.
The archbishop was made head of his community -- an ethnarch -- that enabled him to assist with the collection of taxes.
EDEK, the party Omirou was the leader of until a couple of years ago, did its best to revive the legend in a statement telling us: "Forty years after the death of Ethnarch Makarios, his memory arouses surges of emotion and pride, proving that he carries on living in the hearts and in the conscience of our people.
After his heroics in Switzerland, he has become the true heir of Ethnarch Tassos rather than the untested and untried Junior.
Nik must have forgotten how Tassos' spokesmen used to accuse him of speaking like a Turk when he dared criticise the great Ethnarch back in the days when he allegedly supported a settlement.
He just pursued the old strategy with much greater thespian skills and a much better sense of theatre than the Ethnarch.
ON THURSDAY Constantinides featured an article by Chrysis Pantelides, right hand man of Ethnarch Tassos and now paid by the Papadop family to keep the memory of the great man alive.
NOBODY embodies the inbetweener, in thinking and behaviour better than Ethnarch Junior, who, despite his constant efforts to act grown-up, comes across as a boy as soon as he opens his mouth.
He put aside his role as an independent state official and acted like Ethnarch Junior's henchman, deciding to investigate the staging of the play on the orders of the Diko chief.
The Enlightenment had never reached Cyprus' shores and we therefore considered every archbishop an ethnarch (leader of the nation) and by definition irreplaceable.
I would also like to note that Ethnarch Tassos Papadopoulos did not dare dispute the rotating presidency based on a federal council.
ETHNARCH Junior has upped his spoilt brat behaviour on hearing there was progress in the talks.
Political hypocrisy inevitably meets its most authentic exponent in the party of the ethnarch of 'no'.
We have legalised it ourselves -- by our great ethnarch Tassos Papadopoulos.
For reasons of either urgency or pragmatism, he continued, when the late Ethnarch Makarios accepted the bizonal, bicommunal federation, he did so because he wanted to overcome the problems caused by the Turkish Cypriot community's concerns.