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the ruler of a province (as in the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire) or certain religious rulers with secular authority

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He hates comrade Tof for standing against Tassos in the 2008 elections and has never forgiven prez Nik for criticising his daddy when he was Ethnarch.
ETHNARCH Junior, who is now taking advice from the former governor of the Central Bank Athanasios Orphanides, asked Tsipras to order an investigation into the sale of the Cypriot banks' branches in Greece to Piraeus Bank.
Ethnarch Junior could not wait until tomorrow, and made a Tsipras-style public appearance on Friday calling a news conference at which he lashed out against the memorandum, called for its re-negotiation and demanded that all the money stolen from B of C depositors in the bail-in was returned.
THE BAD news was seized on by Ethnarch Junior in a transparent attempt to score a few cheap Cyprob points against the government and the hated prez Nik.
It was a bravura performance that will make Nik eligible for inclusion in the Cyprob Heroic Resistance Presidents' pantheon alongside Makarios, Spy Kyp, Ethnarch Tassos and Comrade Tof, men who bravely took on the world rather than agree to a settlement that would force them to give up their residency at the presidential palace.
No talks would mean his ludicrous idea of a more representative government could be realised -- Ethnarch Junior and his Dikheads could return.
ETHNARCH Junior had a different take on what was happening.
The late Ethnarch Tassos frequently flew to a hospital in the US for check-ups and treatment, even though he was very secretive about the condition of his health and he always paid the bill himself.
In the unlikely event the conclusions pressure the Turks to return to negotiations who will pressure Prez Nik to return now that he is talking like Ethnarch Tassos and has the unanimous backing of the National Council.
40) This appears to be after the Fall of Constantinople (1453), once the patriarch became ethnarch of the Christian millet in the Ottoman Empire.
If, in fact, the Jews in Rome represent "a diverse community of individually structured congregations" (Wiefel 92) lacking a single, controlling organizational head as, for example, the ethnarch in Alexandria, how could synagogues have had the role D.
IN my capacity as Ethnarch of Cyprus and on the insistence of the people who have of their own accord assembled outside the Archbishopric I came here in order to bring to Your Excellency's knowledge that on account of the arrest of certain citizens of Cyprus the situation created is such as to be pregnant of imminent dangers in general.
The Castle is a prophetic evocation of the realm in which the heart is frozen and the soul is dead, and in which spiritual nullity reigns as the Great Ethnarch.
18) With respect to the diaspora Jewish communities, Bertram took note of the ethnarchs who were judges and "officers over their own people.