ethmoidal artery

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a branch of the ophthalmic artery supplying structures in and around the nasal capsule

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Topographic relationships of the anterior ethmoidal artery are of particular significance in its course from the orbit to the olfactory fossa as it traverses three cavities: orbit, ethmoidal labyrinth and the anterior cranial fossa.
Anterior ethmoidal artery ligation has traditionally been performed by an external approach, although an endoscopic option is possible.
Clinicoradiological review: bilateral ethmoidal artery dural arteriovenous fistulas.
After the emergence of the cortical branch, caudally to the olfactory bulb, RCA issues the internal ethmoidal artery and enters in the medium fissure, joining the contra-lateral artery at a short distance to form the common artery of the callous body (Fig.
Sieffert" (6,7) in 1928 ligated internal maxillary artery (6) via transantral approach, while "Good Year" (6,7) in 1937 tied anterior ethmoidal artery for first time.
We describe a patient with a traumatic anterior ethmoidal artery bleed who needed to be taken to a tertiary care center 8 hours away for endoscopic ablation, which was not available at our hospital.